One more day…or the right time

27 08 2009

Do you ever find yourself wishing for one more day?  No not of vacation or a weekend but with a loved one or something special in your life?

My one more days include family and friends.  Grandma…one more day in your kitchen pulling my cheek to yours telling how clean I smell, or showing me again how to make potatoe pancakes.  Grandpa…one more day on the swing or in your work shop teaching me to shape wood.  Reba…one more day throwing you a stick in the lake or snuggling on the floor you big sweetie. KC…prancing in the snow.  Grandpa…long johns in June?  Grandma…duck dinner.  Do you think they all knew what they meant to us or what the activities meant to us or how it shaped us into what we are today?  Did we tell them, really tell them or just assume they knew?  I suck and fall into the assume category because warm and fuzzy makes me uncomfortable(I am learning with the help of a little angel named Vicious).

my little girl Vicious

my little girl Vicious

Mike was an out going always upbeat man living in New Jersey.  Living the American Dream.  Beautiful wife, two young sons and home he was very proud of.  Mike  had a great career going and was successful and well thought of in his company and with the customers he worked with.  He  loved the outdoors and hunting and fishing and restoring and building hot rods.

Mike was diagnosed with cancer in March.  Mike passed away last week.  Mike was 43 years young.  Mike was my friend.  I don’t think Mike waited for the right time, he knew time was running out and lived and loved his family to the end.  His family will always wish for one more day, one more time.

This email floated across my desk recently.  A man was going through his wifes underwear drawer and picked up a silk wrapped package.  He remembered she had gotten this on a trip they took to New York 8 or 9 years ago.  She had never worn it and was saving it for a special occasion. I guess this is it, he thought as he placed the wrapped package in with the other clothing he was taking to the funeral home, his wife had just died.  His words of advice…never save something for a special occasion, every day is a special occasion.

I think we should delete words like “someday” or the “right time” from our personal word dictionary’s.  If its worth doing, seeing or experiencing we  should do it now.  What if that man’s wife knew it was her last day? Would she of called loved ones or smoothed over disagreements (never go to bed angry)?  This quote and I apologize I don’t know who it is from but says “live for today, for tommorrow is promised to no one.”

IMG_1659So my personal goal and I challenge you as well is to not wait for the “right time” but to make every day the “right time.”  I don’t want to be in the sunset of my life and have my family question what they mean to me, I want it to be crystal clear.  Everyday is a special occasion.  Instead of saving cologne for special events I will wear it everyday.  Maybe I should use the good silver wear and serving dishes we seem to pull out twice a year.  I will get a hair cut and wear pressed shirts just to pick Sydney up from school.  I will wear a tie and coat to Church.  I will tell my family I love them when I tuck them in at night and when I wake them in the morning(a bit selfish here as the little girl giggles and snuggles with Daddy when I do this).

So tonight as I hold hands with Kitten and Vicious as we walk through the garden picking tomatoes or squash I will be living a “one more day”, will you?  Maybe I will be humming a song from Diamond Rio…”One more day, One more time, one more sunset, maybe I’d be satisfied, But then again I know what it would do, Leave me wishing still, for one more day with you.”

I will always wish for “one more days” because of what my loved ones in my life mean to me.  I hope those that love me once I am gone wish for “one more days” with me.  Until then we live what will become.




One response

27 08 2009

Right on Matt!! Today, right now, this minute is all we have. It is the day we imagined and dreamed of years ago. It is here. So let’s drink the good stuff! No more box wine! While I have your attention, just want you to know you, Jenny and Syndey are loved. Keep sharing your deep thoughts – they always brighten my day and bring a smile to my face.

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