Hey Honey…I’m going to the office

25 09 2009
The Office

The Office

The other day I was lounging around in my office.  I was kicked back hat pulled low butt on the cockpit floor and feet dangling in the water.  Not your typical office right?  I will get back to that.

When I was the king of the floor covering industry I did a lot of traveling, much of it by car.  My office became my car, don’t get me wrong I had a proper office at home with a desk, chair, filing cabinets, computer, couch, yada, yada, yada, but the car was where I would do much of my thinking, so in essence it was my “thinking office”.  It was not uncommon for me to have 2-3 hour drives to start and end a day so I could typically solve the problems of the world or at least find solutions for issues that I had to address before I arrived home or to the other office.

I think we all have a thinking office, a place where our mind is free to drift off and wonder and have our ah ha moments(you know, like a light bulb, not the rock bank from the 80’s).  Since I have changed from the King of the floor covering universe to the serf of Frost Rd. my thinking office has also relocated, in hindsight maybe I should of sent out a memo, other office still in the same place.  My new thinking office became a sailboat or more correctly a few sailboats.  Peace and quite, wind in your hair, waves lapping at the hull a gentle rocking of the boat and ample time for the mind to wander.

So here I was other day lounging about the office.  This particular day the office was located on Haithco Lake in Saginaw County, many of you know of it.  It was a lazy warm summer day…in the middle of September.  Very little wind so we, this day I shared my office with a few other souls or I guess we office pooled(making this up here) because they all had there own floating offices, didn’t get much racing in we just kind of chatted amongst our selves as our boats did their little dance around each other in the middle of the lake, quite pretty I would imagine.  I found myself drifting off into daydream land, one of my favorite places I must admit, I tend to be quite handsome and always get the girl in this world (yes Kitten the girl is always you, who else?).  I began to notice things like how vividly blue the sky was and how white the whispy clouds were, almost virginal if I may.  Have you ever tried to sum up a day, event or moment in one word?  The word that came to me on this day was PURE.  You can’t help but thank the Big Guy for the beauty he surrounds us with everyday.  How many days do you not notice?  I am guilty for not seeing it everyday.  It there if we look, past all of the uncertainties, bitterness and cruelty of the world, look beyond it and you will see.  Maybe its the sky like it was for me this day, or the mountain’s or the smile on your daughters face.  Pretty cool you have to admit.

Sammy likes boats

Sammy likes boats

What is it about boats and boys?  Even Sam likes them (your remember Sam, new puppy…we like him…).  He was brought to the office a few time this year along with Lucy.
So where is your thinking office.  For you woman I would imagine it would be in front of the stove as you cook your man dinner….ha ha I got you on that one(feable attempt at humor which will lead to my cooking for most of the week I am sure).  Is it a bubble bath, or a tree stand?  Maybe a walk in the woods or a cuddle on the couch.  For some of us in may be in church or in bed right before we lay down to sleep.
Where ever it is I urge you use it.  It is healthy to think, I should know…lots of time…getting the picture.  that is how I ended up here blogging(still don’t know what that means) and spewing out my wisdom and mindless ravings for all to see.  Some of you enjoy it, some of you not so much.  I have according to the comments I receive touched some nerves, some good, some not so much.  Tell me, your comments help inspire my thinking and add content I may of not thought of.  Thinkin is good.  Did you hear the one about the guy pulled over in the south with books in his back seat(sorry aunt Jane…it works better with the south, lets say it was Arkansas, ok?) the officer asks the driver…son…you been thinkin?  are you thunk?  you got a thinkin problem son?  Another attempt at humor, it was funny when I heard from some southern comedian.
I will leave you with this advice.  Grill your next pizza.  Recipe to follow.



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