Leroy’s Grill and Bar

5 10 2009

More positive vibe this week fellow listeners.  What is one of the all time best ways to make you feel better or happier or more positive?  Food.  right on, fill our bellies with some wonderment of nutrition.

I am always looking for a special meal.  When I am out at restaurants(interestingly enough most of my delicious delights come from little local restaurants, not chains with the exception of Hooters and Buffalo Wild Wings) I look for something new or different.  Or when I am grilling at home trying new combinations of ingredients for a new taste.  Same ole is same ole, I like to mix it up.

Kitten and I have a phrase we like we call it our “restaurant” meal or item.  Some thing we found or made that would end up on our restaurant’s(Leroy’s Grill and Bar) menu.  We have a short list going now and there is usually a story behind each dish.  Our cook book is a blue folder that resembles a tornadic event with recipes stuff in from all kinds of sources.  Inspiration from Grandma along with her recipes abound, as well as Emeril and his host of TV chefs.  We attempt to recreate dish’s we have found out and about, with some pretty good success I might add.

At Leroy’s(fictional place in my mind but  maybe someday) our menu is shaping up.  Some favorites would have to be potato pancakes from Grandma, Planked Whitefish ala Driftwood Inn, stuffed shrimp like we found at The Sign of the Mermaid, burgers that I am sure will be inspired by Burger Quest 2009/10(more on this down the road, it is a scientific search for the best burger place in Saginaw County), grilled broccoli caesar, 1905 salad made famous by the Columbia restaurant in Celebration, FL, grilled stuffed mushrooms, stuffed jalapeno’s with a twist(cream cheese and marinated chestnuts inside wrapped with prosciutto) and a key twist is seasonality, cook what’s in season inspired by a great chain in Florida called Season’s 52.  What fun we have not only eating it all, but trying to recreate it all.

You will all love Leroy’s, nice quaint “joint” if you will.  Classy but not too fancy.  Dim lights with candles and some good piano music drifting in the air.  Soft cushy chairs like they have at Delmonico’s(Emeril’s joint in Vegas) and a friendly knowledgable staff…of hot chicks in bikini’s…just kidding, seeing if your paying attention.  This could be the next place where everybody knows your name…cheers.

So anyway, what the heck am I blabbering about you ask?  I want to share a little slice of love with you all.  My soon to be famous grilled pizza.  It is delicious.  Do not raise a brow, you must know I am a highly awarded chef.  I am the reigning 2009 Chili cook off winner at the Tawas Bay Yacht Club, how many can say that?  Emeril?  No.  Bobby Flay?  No.  Need I go on?

So on with the ‘za, as we call it.  I urge you to experiment with this, it can be a lot of entertainment.  We have nights at home where it is make your own pizza night, Sydney gets into the fun as well, I do the grilling for her.

First you need a grill.  Grills vary in quality and cookability so you may have to increase or decrease time or temp.  For this application mine is a Weber Summit 6 burner stainless steel gas grill.

Leroy's Grill

Leroy's Grill

I use two 18″ porcelain tiles set over the grates(these are left over from our kitchen renovation and work great) as a cooking surface.  Key here is put tiles on as you light the grill and they gently warm up, cool tile on hot grill = shattered tile.  I turn all 6 burners on low and let the tile heat up over about 20 minutes, this keeps a nice constant heat like a brick oven, which is what we are trying to mimic.  The stone temp hovers around 500 degrees(I have a fancy infrared temp gauge you can pick up at home depot or food store, fun to point and shoot).

Start with frozen pizza dough found at your local mega mart, mine costs $1.49ish.  It will thaw and rise in a bowl that you have rubbed with olive oil and covered.  I then split the dough into two balls and let rise again, I like thinner crust and found it grill’s better(makes about a 16″ pizza).  dust the work surface with flour as you knead the dough out, use a roller or if you have pizza skills, your palms and knuckles to stretch and shape your dough into the desired size.  Dust your pizza peal(very useful for this so you arent burning things that aren’t supposed to burn) so dough slides off onto the grill.  cook on this side for about 3 minutes keeping an eye on it as it cooks very fast and the air bubbles will keep you busy popping them.  Pull off and bring inside to begin the flavoring of the ‘za.

one Deeeeelicious grilled pizza

one Deeeeelicious grilled pizza

I like to lightly brush the crust with olive oil and garlic salt.  Flip it over so cooked side is up and you can start putting your toppings on like a traditional pizza.  You will then slide it back onto the stone surface for another 3-5 minutes until crust is done on bottom and cheese and toppings melted and yummy looking.  Pull out your pizza cutter and enjoy with your favorite beverage.  One thing I highly suggest while you are manning the grill is to have a ice cold Heineken in hand, you are grilling man!

You can make a pepperoni pizza which will be the best you ever had or get nutty and come up with one of your own.  here are 3 of my favorites.

Hawaiian Pizza  use barbeque sauce instead of pizza sauce with shredded pork(left over pork loin from last  nights dinner perhaps) or shredded chicken, grilled onions, pineapple chunks and mozzarella cheese,  yummy!

White Chicken Pizzausing alfredo sauce in place of pizza sauce with chicken, broccoli and mushrooms(Portobello sauteed ahead of time is great) covered in mozzarella, delicious!

Spinach Pizzabrush whole pie with olive oil and garlic salt mix with parmesan cheese added in, spread mozzarella cheese and then pile on(I mean it, pile it on, I used about half a bag of spinach) the spinach, rough chopped garlic about 6-8 cloves, mushrooms and grape tomatoes cut in half.  This is one incredible pizza, even if you don’t like spinach you can not resist this pie, this one rates a double ‘mutha(Uncle Rich can you explain ‘mutha’s to the group?).

I hope you enjoy your trip to Leroy’s Grill and the soon to be famous brick oven sort of grilled pizza.  Let me know what you think, fun party food too.  Don’t forget the Heine, adds to the flavor…really.




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