Exciting start of the week for me, how about you?

19 10 2009

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your week is off to a great start.  Very exciting here for many reasons. 

First of all its Monday, start of another week(unofficially, officially it started yesterday), and that is always good, one more day, one more time, live it likes its your last!  We woke to a new day and are all healthy and happy, Sydney is having her best year ever in school (mid term was all A’s with one B+, takes after dad…right?), Kitten is happy and enjoying her work at Covenant and my knee feels pretty darn good today, things are always looking up. The weather here in Mid MI is warming up today to mid 50’s which will be nice so enjoy.

Secondly, I reached a milestone with Deep Thoughts today.  I reached 1000 views.  Can you believe that?  I can’t, you people really need to find something better to do with your time, just kidding, I am humbled by the readers and appreciative of your comments.  I would love to see more comments or suggestions or requests of topics you like my spin on.  I have considered doing some interviews around town with people of influence.

Thirdly, the puppies are sleeping, so my morning is nice and quiet and comfy, nice way to start.  The pups wore themselves out yesterday visiting Jenny’s mom and dad’s 2 golden retrievers, yup 4 big red sweeties all together, its like a golden retriever retreat.  They are all going to be together when Kitten and I go to the Islands next month and then we will have all 4 when JD and Punkin(Jenny’s parents) go to China in December.  You know what that means?  I can turn down the heat, just pull up a fuzzy warm puppy.

I can’t forget the other excitement buzzing around town.  Yes it is time for….Burger Quest 2009/10!

double-ba-burgerWe(myself and cousin Moreen Kost) started a little smack talking about the best burger and came up with this fun winter activity.  We have invited anyone who cares to join us, yes even you, and selected some of the finest establishments in Saginaw County.  So between now and March we will enjoy burgers and refreshments at the Bull Dog Bar(Nov. 5th), Spencer’s Route 46(Nov 20th), Farmers Home (Dec. 3rd), Trackside(Dec. 18th), Tiffany’s, 2nd St. Pub, Germania, Timbers and the Scottish Inn.  We will judge burgers, atmosphere, service, cocktails and value to crown the winner.  Should be a blast, maybe I can convince a local paper(say the Township Times, Mo?) to follow our exploits or at least report on our final thoughts. 

So, thanks again for coming along for the ride. Send in your comments or ideas, even accepting criticism.  Look for more fun topics and pressing news.  come out and enjoy a burger with me and my family and friends.




One response

19 10 2009

You should add the Rustic to your burger list. Or does it have to be in the naw? This in is St. Charles. One good thing about Ohio is there is no smoking in any public building and smokers have to smoke X feet from the door. I wish Michigan would change that before we move back.

I didn’t know there were any influencale people in Saginaw? I would be curious to know who they are. You could talk to John Schmude just because he has worked for parks & rec so long if he still works in that department. I know he still works for the township.

Why don’t you submit your own articles to the Saginaw news about the burgers. They love that stuff. They called me one year just because I was in the Thanksgiving parade. I thought it was a bit silly all I was doing was helping with a giant baloon. Any way I think they would print a series of articles about bugers in the area. It may bring other restaruant sugestions as well as business to the local restraunts leaving out the chains.

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