$31 Million USD

26 10 2009

6 millionIf your like me, you lie awake at night and wonder what would it cost to rebuild him in todays dollar.  Oh…sorry…him…Steve Austin of course, the six million dollar man.

$31 million dollars is the answer.  Seriously you can google it, I did.  But that raises more questions doesn’t it?  Why did they rebuild him?  He was Steve Austin, astronaut, man barely alive, we have the technology, we can make him better, stronger and faster.  Steve, if you will allow me to call him by his first name, ends up fighting all kinds of evil like enemy agents, aliens(not illegals) and mad scientists with his super strength and speed provided by his bionic parts.

This raises questions.  For instance, who is “we” as in we can rebuild him?  And why hasn’t any of this trickled down to us normal humans?  Also, why would they(see “we”)  take a wrecked old astronaut(Steve was no spring chicken) and rebuild him when they(see “we”) could of build a strapping young stud?  Who the hell was Oscar and what did he have to do with anything?

Of course it was the  speed and strength and hearing that set him apart.  Today I am sure he would have some other bionic attributes that we seem to be free to talk about and see on TV( sorry but I am sick of the commercials for Viagra, Cialis and the bunch which besides fixing your problems with “Mr.” also make you an incredible quarterback).

Lets not forget the Bionic Woman.  Hubba hubba.  She was one smoking bionic chick.   Super hero strength and hearing and not bad to look at either.  Steve dug her, she died once but came back to life for a TV movie…stop the presses…yup she came back from the dead, like soap opera drivel some of you ( you know who you are) kill brain cells with daily.

Ok, yes I have a point.  Today, technology is not yet “bionic” but good.  I have had my share of health issues in the last few years and am blessed with great doctors, and I am proud to say they are all christians as well, from my family doctor, to my ortho to my life saving(I think) Doc Ringley.  Techniques are getting better and so is technology.

I was unfortunate enough to come down with a rare disorder that required rather serious surgery.  I am fine and very healthy due to the talents my surgeon was given by God and the staff that worked with him.  The amazing thing to me was the surgery, my surgeon elected to use the DaVinci Surgical System(Robot).  It likes star wars meets Steve Austin, man.  I was not up on the latest but this thing is awesome.

DaVinciI did not see it, I was under.  But I am told it looks like an alien with long spindly arms and such.  The cool thing is the precision it offers.  It takes away human issues like tremors, shakes and twitches, all bad in delicate surgery.  We are blessed to have two in mid Michigan one at Covenant and one at St. Mary’s.  This could extend the career of many sharp surgeons.  We all age and get shakes or such but our minds are sharp.

The DaVinci Surgical System was actually developed by the military.  It was to be used in the battle field by surgeons at a remote location far from harms way, pretty cool huh?  The issue is the cost ($1.5 Million) and the size of the unit.  I am sure modern medicine is working towards more scaled down versions and miniscule implants to use to heal and elongate our lively hoods.

So, Matt Princing, really alive, we don’t need to rebuild him but a couple of knee scopes and a abodomial surgery would be good technology.  My tab so far is well under $30 million…

I still want bionic speed, man I want to run with the cheetah’s.

Next week…Wonder Woman…aaahhhaaa haaaa haaa haaa




4 responses

27 10 2009

That is Major Steve Austin and he had the bionic eye and the Bionic Woman had the bionic ear. I was deeply disturbed to see Lee Majors do a comercial for a hearing aid. It gives me the creeps.

Well I am sure Steve Austin didn’t have a PHD but all of todays astronaunts have them. This may make them more valuable to the them (I always figured they were on of our country,s agencies we don’t know we pay for) Because Steve would have had brains and braun. Do you know that back then Lee Majors (who had already spent several years on the show the big valley as the bastard son of the dead Barkley Dad) made 25,000 per episode while his then wife Farah only made 5,000 per episode on Charlies Angles. I wonder how much the Bionic Woman made per episode. Jamie Sommers was Steve’s childhood sweetheart (who was just a teacher never trianed in the military) now that wasn’t a good choice for a bionic woman. Plus she lost her memory, poor Steve. (All this trivia I know my husband likes to tease me and say if only I would use my knowledge for good instead of evil)

I know all this and more useless info off the top of my head. To bad I didn’t put it to better use like learning about the DaVinci Surgical System(Robot). I have never heard of that before. I will have to learn more about it. I thought laser surgery was so great. I don’t just mean the eye surgery but several others that have cut back on recovery time. Very Cool Info.

27 10 2009

See, I learn something new and valuable every day, Thanks Stacey.

27 10 2009

On theme: aren’t you thankful that you have good insurance to pay for all that wonderful medical care? My insurance is crap. I hope I don’t get seriously ill.

27 10 2009

I am thankful I have insurance, it is not good but it covers some and the rest I find ways. I have spent an enormous amount of money the last few years on my health, thankfully most hospitals are very understanding and willing to work with you.

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