Good Friday morning America!

30 10 2009

Ironic this morning, the economist from MSNBC spoken of the recession and signs of recovery.  The growth was 3.5% in the last quarter, which is normally a very good years growth.  He mentioned it was driven by the stimulus programs which he called the borrowing of taxpayer money and given to casino(risky gambling going on) like financial community.  He also mentioned how this being temporary, can’t have a stimulus package forever, does nothing to create  jobs and if the economy does recover it could be a “jobless” recovery, that is not good news. His final comment was fitting, he said this was a “trick or treat”.

This weeks addition of the happy friday entertainment includes dance and comedy.  Check this dude out, it is crazy what he can do with his body.  If you can get by the cackling in the background I think you will really enjoy this.  If I tried this I would be in ER having thrown out both hips, my back and I am sure had every other muscle in my body spasm, ouch man.

In this next clip, you all remember the eighties, right?  check out the big hair on these talented dancers as they start to boogie to the Sugar Hill Gang(back when rap didn’t swear or talk about violence in every song).  I think the girl in the black top might be Elaine(any Seinfeld fans out there?).

come on you remember Elaine, right?  She even made some of  us Caucasians with out rhythm feel good.

Strange but True Facts (these always make me wonder, so I will periodically share some with you so you can wonder what the hell I do wondering all the time, you have to remember I used to drive between 2 and 5 hours a day and I have an insane ability to tune out the radio after 10am)

1.Antartica is the only continent with out reptiles or snakes.  2. An Eagle can kill a young deer and fly away with it, ouch Bambi.  3.  In the Caribbean there are oysters that can climb trees, true, I have heard of crabs in bushes but this was new to me.  4. Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair (if you have to know, I was contacted by the US Mining authorities to see about the feasibility to  harvest the excess zinc and copper off my melon).  5.  the youngest Pope was 11 years old.  6. Mark Twain didn’t graduate from elementary school.  7.  Proportional to their weight, men are stronger than horses, so how much man power does your truck output?  8.  Pilgrims ate popcorn at the first Thanksgiving, no not microwave popcorn, you recall when you actually had to pop it over heat right?  9.  They have square watermelons in Japan…they stack better.  10.  Iceland consumes more Coca-Cola per capita than any other nation.

I know, more useless knowledge than you care to consume in one day.  Just remember you will  never get that 5 minutes back, however you will be a champ at conversation at your next social gathering.  You can thank me later, really, no problem.

I will leave you with this tasty treat which I will call stuffed pork tenderloin ala Leroy.  Pork Tenderloin for those of you not familiar with it, is one of the leanest, tastiest(english prof’s check this word for authenticity), and tenderest pieces of meat in the pig family.  It is very easy to cook and very hard to over cook.  That said it  is perfect for the BBQ or the oven or sliced thin (we in the kitchen might call these medallions) and seared on a hot pan, yummy.  Pork also absorbs flavors really well, whether a marinade or herbs(not Peaches and Herb, herbs from the garden).  I keep 4-5 sauces I make up in the fridge at all times.  One is a BBQ glaze with sweet and a little heat, one is a garlic and roasted red pepper sauce, one is a asian zing with sweet and sour and heat and I have a couple store bought ones of garlic sauce and an array of dressings.  I urge you to experiment until you find a good combo, like I found with Caesar dressing and a spicy garlic/pepper sauce, great on everything including veggies.

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin ala Leroy

take your pork tenderloin and butterfly it, not all the way through, open up and pound it flat to about a 1/4″.  Salt pepper and season the inside.  Next you can brush with olive oil or pull one of your favorite sauces out of the fridge, this week I used the garlic and red pepper sauce.  Next layer on spinach, lots of it.  Next put in sun-dried tomatoes along the center.  Olives, both green and Kalamata could be used as well.  Now stuff with cheese of your choice.  Feta, mozzarella and Parmesan(the real stuff not the stuff in the can) work well.  For ease this week and for Sydney I used mozzarella cheese sticks, they work great.  Roll this up and tie with butchers twine.  Bake or Grill over medium heat(350ish) for 40-45 minutes and let sit for 5 minutes before carving.  I like to cut in about 3/4″ slices and set on a plate so you can see all the colors.  If you used a sauce put a little on the plate to dip in.  Enjoy.

This weekend I hope you Live  hard, Love lots and Laugh often.




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30 10 2009

Great stuff Matt! Keep em’ coming!

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