a Spooktacular time (insert evil laugh track here)

3 11 2009

our decorated gourds scary huh?

Halloween….oooooh scary.  Brings back memories of child hood innocence running through the neighborhood and collecting candy from the neighbors.  This was normally followed by eating too much of the said candy and experiencing a grueling(or is that gouling?) stomach aches.

Our spooky season was a week-long this year. I don’t count the time it takes to figure out Sydney’s costume, she and her mom have that figured out.  This year she was a renaissance princess…AND a slumber party girl, more on this later.

We kicked off our week of tricks and treats with a very cool visit to the Boo Zoo(Saginaw Children’s Zoo Halloween spectacular).  It was very nice.  Many local businesses sponsor and host this event where kids can be found getting treats and treasures.  We made our way around looking down(for bricks of course).  We found Sydney’s brick along side her cousins and the Princing’s Pharmacy brick as well as cousin’s brick from the Princing and Conzelman families.IMG_2854IMG_2870

We took a ride on the train, fun, fun, fun.  By the way, this train has pretty much served a great life and needs replacing.  The zoo is looking for donations to use towards the purchase of a new train, so if you have a little extra cash laying around and want to donate to a great cause, please think of the zoo, and our children, they are our future and they need a train.  Even though it was freezing cold we enjoyed ourselves with the animals and carousels and Dr. Slime where Sydney was chosen to do the grand finale with the good doc.


Sydney and Jenny on the carouselsafety first notice the gloves and eye protection

We didn’t want to let Sydney have all the fun.  So out came the doggie bandana’s.  Our puppies Lucy(7 year old) and Sam(new puppy, we like him) are fashion icons of the doggie world.  Punkin(Kitten’s mom) keeps them in season with bandana’s made just for the occasion.  aren’t they sweet?
IMG_2874Finally the real Halloween arrives.  The day is brisk but no rain in sight.  I was busy building a deck all day(window of opportunity as it has been raining a lot here lately) with explicit instructions to be home by 5pm to see Sydney before she goes trick or treating.  So, being of sound mind, chose to wisely be home a little before 5.  It helped that I was out of my mind when I drew up the material list for this deck and ran out of lumber by 4pm, or was that pure genius and part of the plan?  Sydney arrives!  All right, great photo opp’s await.  What is she wearing?  Pajama’s?  Where is the princess?  It itched me daddy my angels says.  So, I ask, what are you dressed as?  Slumber party girl of course.  What? Ok so I roll with it(she had a slumber party at one of her girlie friends the night before). I gather my furry dependants for the obligatory Halloween portrait, me dirty and messy and Vicious…a slumber party girl?  Off to Grandma’s she goes.  She skips and sings and does all the cute
Dirty Daddy and Slumber Party Girl

things girls should do.

So, there we were, Kitten and I.  We had been talking about going to a Halloween party all week, with no one being decisive.  It would be nice to see some of the people we havent seen in a while.  So over dinner we decide to go for a few hours.  Time to get dressed up!  Oh man, come on, its fun.  Kitten dressed as a very sexy(can I say that here?) Pocahontas, only with blonde hair, kind of Millenium Pocahontas, instead of Indian Princess Pocahontas.  I went with my mood and daydream state and dressed as a Islander,  man.  Yup blue eyed, dark skinned islander.  I borrowed some bling(from what I gather this is slang the kids use to refer to flashy jewelry) from my daugther that consisted of a gold colored chain with a bell on the end and some beads that resembled Mardi Gras beads, only I didn’t have to earn them if you know what I mean.
IMG_2891What fun we had with the witches and goblins, the white trash and the counts, a few angels and demons and so on.  By 12:30 I was thinking I might turn into a pumpkin as the fatigue and beer were mixing together, so we went home.  Tired and happy from laughing.  It is good to be like a kid once in a while, even if only for a day.
I didn’t get a bag of candy, but I did have some arm candy(hello…anyone? Pretty girl, arm candy?).  I also have a wig now that I can bust out whenever I feel like it.  So don’t be surprised if you see me driving the global warmer around town and I am wearing my wig and a pair of shades jamming to some good old 70’s rock.
Burger Quest starts thursday, come join the fun.



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3 11 2009

Why do they have to make those costumes sooooo itchy? I am glad Sydney takes it in stride. She must have an wonderful temperment. I put all kinds of different things on Regan so her costume won’t be itchy. I spend a fortune for a new outfit each year (heaven forbid she would have to repeat) you would think they coud do away with the itchy stuff. Now that costumes are half off I am off to buy pirate costumes for the entire family to wear on the disney curise. Disney charges an arm and a leg for them on the ship (pure piracy) and they make a hugh deal out of the pirate dinner so you have to have a costume (Will is not happy about this) so people who don’t bring their own outfit get robbed on ship. This is a family trip not a pirate ship. Why don’t you do a rant about some of those pirate laws you were talking about. I think they will make great dinner conversation at dinner.

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