Health Care reform or a political tug of war?

9 11 2009

Political clowns run amok

Does anyone feel like anything was accomplished with the vote saturday?  Did you see the results?  Do you get whats going on?

Health care reform.  Is it necessary?  No.  Some level of reform would be good to keep the insurance companies in check. The Government is not the one who should be running it however.  The government, our government hasnt proven they can run anything well or with in a budget.  They are very good at giving money away that our country doesn’t have or mismanaging large sectors of our economy and wealth.  They also excel at raising taxes to cover the borrowed money that they gave away, don’t be so nieve to not see that coming.

The amazing thing about this vote in congress is not the views or the content(I would guess most didn’t even read the whole bill or have time to digest it, typical really), but the line that they have drawn in the sand.  In my opinion(I am allowed its my blog) this is a republican and democrat tug of war.  I don’t think it matters whats in the bill.

Why do I say this?  Well here is a little back ground.  We have a two-party system( a few minor parties thrown in the mix as well but the real leverage is in the big two) republicans(conservatives) and democrats(liberals).  This is good, acts as kind of checks and balances system so one can’t run amok with our country.  They traditionally come to a compromise on legislation for the good of the country and those they serve(you and  me).  compromise in voting is attained this way as some of both sides vote yea or nay to this and a bill is passed.  This is not the case with this healthcare reform bill, there is no compromise.

Who saw the numbers?  I did and was horrified.  I think our congresspeople need a slap upside the head.  This bill passed the house by 3 votes(3!!!!!) so it is barely liked by some.  The scary thing(you should be scared) is that it was split by party, no compromise what so ever with the exception of some liberals.  One(1), yup one is a lonely number, republican voted in favor of this, the rest were democrats(don’t get your panties in a bunch my messages is not about republicans vs democrats).  39 democrats voted against it(not a lot, but interesting since it is a democrat driven bill) the rest were republican.  So with the exception of 40 brave souls, everyone else just flipped the party switch(kind of like a primary election, why do we even have these).  So is there anything good for the people of our country in this power struggle?  They figure it will stall in senate for a while.  Cost is $1.4 Trillion(with a “T”) and if it gets through the senate is expected to increase to $3-4 Trillion.  Where will this money come from?  Your pocket and mine in the form of increased taxes.  For what and for whom?  Many believe this will drive down health care services and make it difficult to be seen or taken care of (ask a Canadian is socialized medicine is the answer, thats where this is leading, you can see that right?)

I hope they, our politicians and elected officials, can pull there heads out of  there backsides before they do more irreparable damage to our frail country.  Did you ever really think about why we have a recession, why housing fell, why the financial institutions and big companies where allowed to fail while receiving financial windfalls, why banks and financial institutions are making risky investments still today(it’s not their money what do they care) and who is responsible for this?  535 people are.  We are in a recession and all the other stuff because they wanted it.  We will recover when they want a recovery.  Look back over history to the big swings in our economy, and you will find it occurs most actively in big election years.

Maybe  we should change out our 535.

sorry for the lack of pictures today, nothing pretty could change this image and I wasn’t feeling sarcastic.




One response

9 11 2009
jack vandenberg

Matt, 3-4 trillion? How much is that? I’d like to know how much total income is produced in one year in the USA? Perhaps the proposed health care bill is more that all the income that is taxable. Very scary!!!! Let’s say they pass it. Then what profit is left to grow the economy? zilch. Nada. $000000.

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