time to recharge the ol’ batteries…or I hear rum plantations

13 11 2009

Well Kitten and I are off to the magical island of St. John.  We will enjoy the scenary and wallow in the 80 degree waters that are emerald green.  We will dig our toes into the warm sand as we bronze our shoulders.  We will eat like Kings and Queens and sleep like angels.

USVI 2008 047

Trunk Bay one of our favorites

If you have never been to St. John, not to be confused with St. Thomas which is a dump, you are missing one of  God’s great and beautiful creations.  Year round temps hover around 82-84 degrees.  A nice wind constantly blows to help keep you comfortable or if your sailing moving right along.  Some of the prettiest beaches in the world are here and many like the ones we will head to sunday, can only be accessed by hiking in or by boat.  Snorkeling is like a technicolor movie screen and the folks are really laid back.  I like the east end best, Coral Bay, more locals and less tourist BS.  It kind of reminds me of a wild west only tropical.

USVI 2008 001

Lind Point TrailIf we get lucky we may even run into some of our buddies like Tru, Denise, Margie or Coco. Always the chance to find characters galore like Allan, Puerto Rican Pete, Bank Robber Richie and others. Lots of fun.We will miss you all this week. Of course we will be constantly thinking of you all back in Michigan and around the States. Like the old song goes, "you were always on my mind"...anyone buying this?Anyway, we will be drinking in God's beauty and some of the finest rum in the world. Until next time...I have some great topics coming, like Pride, it was a big week for that lead by Sydney and Sam(you remember him...new puppy...we like him).Truman and Kitten in Coral Bay '08, this day was a blur





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