pride and prejudice…

25 11 2009

Wasn’t that the name of some book a while back?  I am not sure and to be honest I didn’t google it or travel to the library to find out, just tossing it our there for conversation.

Well, we are back from our tropical vacation, Kitten and I.  It was a glorious week with a few surprises, more to come later, and a very nice relaxing and enjoyable time.  We ate like Kings, drank like fish, relaxed and soaked in the glory of one of the most beautiful place God has ever created.  We swam with the fishes (so to speak), hiked with the hermits (crabs) and lounged with Iggy (Iguana’s).  So now we toil with catching up, me with Sydney and her school schedule, great to be back with her I might add, and Jenny getting back into the rhythm at the hospital and both of us into our daily routine at home.

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day with my girls

Pride can make us prejudice, and our prejudice can  make us pride, just to get back on subject, that was enough about me.  We take pride in many things and many ways.  For instance the people we love, the people we call friends, our family, our accomplishments, our church, our God, our education, our beliefs, our tastes in wine women and song (just throwing that one in there kind of snappy), our possessions, our locations and heaven forbid our political beliefs (no we will not go here, you are either correct or wrong, you figure it out). 

Pride is not a bad thing and in most cases is a good thing.  Pride can be double edged however when it leads to prejudice that is unwarranted or misinformed.  Pride can also be over the top and become pompous, I have been accused of this in the past, at times it could be an argument, I like to think I am a man of conviction, I believe strongly in my beliefs, doesnt make it right or wrong, but you will have to work very hard to, and you should(back it up with facts, not theories or wishes upon a star), to change my convictions.

I believe in my family, friends, those I chose to surround myself with, the accomplishments of those and our causes.  If I didn’t, what in the heck would I be doing hanging around them?  My family is great!  Yeah, I know we all have our special traits, but that is what makes us unique and fun and different from the  “Bradys” or who ever.  From Kitten, Sydney, Stephie to Mom and Dad to brothers and sisters(can I have an Amen?) we are unique and great and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Pride, in family, God and friends, is there more?

Pride Rock

I now digress to a place where I find comfort.  In the world of a 9 year old.  Come on you saw this coming, we relate, Sydney and I.  We are like father and daughter…Mufasa and…Nala, ok she wasnt his daughter but Simba didn’t work her due to the fact that Sydney is a girl.  Anywho one of my favorite children’s movies is Lion King, a little Disney animated deal you all might of heard of.  There is a point early on where Mufasa, Simba’s dad, with pride is showing his young lion son the kingdom and he points out that “everything the light touches…that is our kingdom”.  When you sit and think about it, it holds true for our children.  Maybe he should of said “the world is your oyster”.  But it is with pride that we as parents try to make the world that “kingdom” of opportunity for ours to explore, conquer and succeed in their own way.

Deep I know, think though, especially mom’s and dad’s.  We will leave a legacy whether we want to or not, is your’s lining up like you would want it?

So, back to Pride.  My darling daughter Sydney brought home her first quarter report card.  Preface to last year, she struggled first quarter due to a very tough teacher who taught them accountability(imagine that) only to kick it old school the second 3/4’s.  She proudly brought home an all A’s report card.  She is a very good student and very proud of her school work and her hard work.  Takes after dad?!

Sam's graduation

More pride at home.  Our new puppy Sam (you remember him, he’s new, we like him) graduated from puppy class.  Someone mumbled it was to get  him out of there but I disagree.  For a very young pup, he did great.  He is a smart boy and a loyal and lovable big sweetie.

So I urge you all to find pride in your life.  In  your friends and family.  In your life and beliefs.  If we are not proud of who we are, who we are with and what we do…what are we?

On behalf of Jenny, Sydney, Steph, Lucy and Sam I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope you have the time to  reflect on the grace’s that were blessed upon you and the family and friendships that have blessed your life.  Smile, laugh and love.




One response

25 11 2009
Dale Lieffers

Hey Matt,
Pride hit the nail on the head. Tried to live it, teach it as a parent, and now as a grandparent it is even more obvious.
We are heading out for a long weekend with kids and grandkids.
Have a happy Thanksgiving

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