grumble, grumble…morning

17 12 2009

why are you still talking?


I am the first to admit, I am not a morning person.  More specifically not a social morning person.  I function just fine but please don’t talk to me, especially you happy go lucky sing songy voiced morning happy pants. 

I am very efficient and get much of my thinking, planning and tedious work done before the world has a chance to intervene.  No distractions, no time outs just me a task to conquer and a cup of coffee, my morning friend(it doesn’t talk).  I just ask that you give me a chance world,  let me enjoy some quiet private time each morning and I am a bundle of joy the rest of the day.  That’s the key isn’t it?  That is my private time, my quiet time.  With the hustle and bustle of life it is the time I choose to be mine.  

When just a wee lad fresh from College I landed a job with an advertising company.  It was an exciting time for me.  I learned new skills and practiced what I had been preached at school at a break neck pace, a baptism by fire if you will.  Organization and time management were a challenge(this was before everyone had a franklin planner and took a class on time management, some of you aren’t old enough to remember this) and I found myself staying after close to wrap somethings up.  Well being rather young I had things I wanted to do after work with friends and families so I had to come up with a solution.  I started to go into the office early, about an hour before the rest of the staff arrived.  Low and behold I found that I accomplished more in that first hour of the day than most people do all day, amazing and I got to make the coffee the way I liked it, winner winner chicken dinner.  So began the tradition. 

Want to throw me off my morning ritual?  talk to me before 630am.  Ever seen a tiger scowl right before he eats you?  Or the lip curl of a deranged mad man(very different from the lip curl Elvis used to woo his women with).  Talk to me, come on.  You know what I hear?   Blah, blah, blah, blah(lots of white noise), don’t get me wrong I catch all the important stuff, but it takes a second to sink in and then I can’t help but think…your talking again…still talking… 

Sydney is like me in the morning aspect with one big difference.  She is cute and cuddly still.  One of God’s biggest blessings is a cuddly little girl to melt your heart.  We have learned over the years not to push each others buttons in the morning, for the most part.  We have our mandatory snuggle time before any breakfast or cleaning up for school is allowed to take place.  Then and only then does she get ready and then time is scheduled for last minute snuggles especially when the weather turns colder, with monkey blankets and Pinkie(stuffed pink bunny) and Jasmine(stuffed golden retriever, we like them) all bundled together.  Cute really. 

Sydney and Pinkie, Jasmine is under her head

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a new day.  I look at each new sunrise with vigor.  But I like my time alone to contemplate what each new day will bring and how I will tackle the obstacles and embrace the gifts.  Everyday is a gift, we can’t really know how many new days we have.  one of my favorite quotes reads “Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away”.  Always look for those moments.

As  much as I like some time in the morning alone, at the end of the day is the opposite.  I enjoy the company of family and friends, especially Kitten and Sydney.  Cuddling up and sharing our days activities and dreams of tomorrow and trying to make sure they know they are the most important people in the world.  At the end of the day comes one of God’s spectacles, the sunset.  We have spent many a night on a beach, in the backyard, on a boat, in a car…just starring in awe and the beauty and serenity of each and every sunset.  The sunset is probably the one thing that represents Jenny and I the best as it is our time to share with each other and loved ones and in our lives has come to mean so much.



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17 12 2009
Dale Lieffers

Famous quote from my generation.
Different types. Talk to me in the morning.

17 12 2009
Stacey Wistehuff

I admit that in my younger days before I became a mother I was suzy sunshine but those days are long over and I never for any reason had a singy voice. I need to function and be sweet to my gir in the morningl. I get up a half hour early to snugle her even though I want to stay in bed I know she won’t want me around forever so I am taking it while I can. I like my quiet time too. Will and I both need it.

You should really think of the time you like to spend in the morning not only as a good thing (it seems like you do) but it is proof that you are comfortable with your own company. This means that you are confident and like yourself. I feel bad for people who don’t know how to be alone with their own thoughts.

17 12 2009

parenthood changes us a lot, for the good I like to believe. Yes we must be comfortable with ourselves, not lost puppies looking for someone to take them home. Someone once referred to me as a pompous ass for my views and comforts as me

17 12 2009
Ann Raske

My husband (Kyle) is exactly like that in the morning. I have learned to just keep quiet (sometimes) and let him have his space. He likes to have his coffee and organize things. I’ve seen him with a feather duster and a cup of coffee in hand at 6:30 in the morning because he likes things to be just right to start his day. No words will be comprehended if he is spoken to. But we all know that.

He works out of the house so he gets our youngest (Ailie) off to school every morning. He too enjoys his cuddle time with her every morning. It usually involves a lot of giggling with her and the 2 dogs and cat in her little twin bed. I find it sweet.

I get my time earlier with the older 2. I like to wake up Wes. Even though he’s 14 and can often be mouthy. He usually opens his eyes and gives me a “hey, what up girl?” and that takes me through my day. Maddie on the other hand is little Miss Effecient, she’s usually up before everyone doing her hair and texting. She used to be a bear to wake when she was younger. Kyle and I used to argue about who was going to go in and get her up.

Morning traditions are such a sweet memorable thing to a person. I still remember my mom getting me up for school, she was always so comforting and fun, lying in bed talking about the day ahead, or just silly things, whatever…Omg, I’ve been rambling, better get back to work. Anyway, I have that saying, “Life is not measured by the number of…” on my wall at home, it’s a good one.

17 12 2009

are we growing as individuals? I didn’t say growing up, much more profound. I enjoyed your comments, mornings are special and different for all of us. I will miss the snuggling some day not to distant from today as Sydney gets older.

22 11 2010
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