Merry Christmas to all and to all a safe and happy Holiday Season!

23 12 2009

Kitten is probably laughing her tail off right now.  She says I have been Grinch like lately.  I prefer grumpy.  See she likes Christmas music, don’t we all, but for months…yes months.  Seems every year it begins earlier.  One radio station I listened to in Detroit started mid October.  A bit irritating after a while don’t you think?  Not to Kitten, my bundle of Joy, who also talks in the morning, seeing a connection here?

Now your probably thinking, he’s not Grinch, he’s Scrooge.  Not hardly.  I enjoy traditional Christmas music with a reason, and some commercialized Christmas music.  That said, they(the music industry) doesn’t roll out a bunch of new Christmas tunes every year, so after two months of listening to the same songs, mostly commercialized Christmas music, that I have been listening to for over…lets just say more than 30 years…ok 40, kind of drives me batty.

Daddy and Sydney making cookies(OK Dog Treats)

To be completely honest(as opposed to the complete bullshit I sometimes throw at you) some of my fondest memories are with Christmas Music playing in the background.  Moments like the other day when Jenny and Sydney(wearing matching Martha Stewart like aprons, I am serious) worked in the kitchen making cookies and home-made yummy gifts and then craftily(if not a real world add it to my dictionary of made up words, feel free to use it at your leisure) made decorations for them, can’t tell you what they are some of you will be getting them under your trees.  It was nice to watch and listen to the music and hear Sydney singing on occasion.  Of course being Man, I would have to interject with “did someone step on the cat?’ occasionally (we don’t even have a cat…I know…funny stuff).  I also like it wafting in the background at holiday parties and find it interesting to see who is humming along.

So as we near the birthday of Jesus(reason for the season people) and the tradition of commercial Christmas I would like to share one of my favorites and one of Sydney’s too.  We made homemade doggie treats last night shaped like candy canes and ornaments and yes those are Dolphin Sweats(go Fish!) if you wondered in your jealousy, I have a connection, fear not.  Enjoy the videos and from my family to yours we wish you a safe and happy Holiday season.  We(I think I can speak for Jenny and Sydney) hope you have time to visit with family and friends and reflect on all your blessings and the opportunities ahead in the new year.




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23 12 2009
Ann Raske

Sounds like you have fun times and traditions in place. I am not telling my dogs about the homemade treats, that would seriously wreck my Christmas, Lol . Have a great Christmas to you, Jenny and Sydney and of course the pups, lick em’ from me and my family.

23 12 2009

I learn, I laugh and I grow each year…scary but enjoyable. My daughter is my leader and Jenny is the guide and we are living large with old and new traditions in our unique family.
homemade treats are because I love my big sweet puppies…or I can’t bake a real cookie…or it’s a drinking game…or it heats the house……..see like lets make a deal you can chooose which door to play

4 01 2010

Loved the songs. The first was a favorite of mine and the second one I had never heard before. I was very cute but the video with all the bad hair is going to give me bad dreams. The animated part was adorable.

Just suck up the music jokes and enjoy Sydney’s singing. How many years before the kids won’t want anything to do with us? Or won’t want to sing and you will miss it.

Santa brought Shiloh a dog treat recipe with a dog bone cookie cutter several years back. We still have it but didn’t make any this year. I wish I had.

24 11 2010
Circuit Breaker

i would always love to hear those christmas music with a very happy tune `–

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