4 01 2010

My eyes fluttered open for the 15, 816th time this morning and I counted my blessings.

We all made it through the hoopla that becomes the holiday season around here.  It starts in late November and wraps up around the first of the year, although due to family travel we have one more Christmas party to attend next week.  It’s an exciting time and a hectic time.  It can be exhilarating and exhausting.

We pushed 2009 out the door surrounded by some family and friends.  We were lucky enough to have Sydney with us this year, which was a joy, I don’t recall the last time I had one of her New Year kisses at the exact moment, a good omen for sure.  We are mellowing as we grow, choosing to spend quiet evenings with special people than attend raucous new years party’s surrounded by wild throngs.  We had good conversations, laughter, great seafood and love.  We pushed the economy, poor government, bad programs, the war on terror, employment and all things bad to the back burner for a while and enjoyed life and love unconditionally.  And we thought of the future and the aspirations we all had for the coming year.

I had a dream, it was an awesome dream, People in the park playing games in the dark. But what they played was a masquerade, and from behind the walls of doubt, a voice was calling out.

I have dreams and aspirations of the new year, what I think I can expect, what I wish for and the underlying theme for my new year, 2010, is HOPE.  A lot of our world, our country is in the dark due to economies, addictions, health issues, war, government run amok, loss, lack of direction, lack of belief and many other reasons.  Our masquerade, or is it charades, is the face we put on that on the outside tells everyone we are alright.  There is hope…you have to believe.  Listen to the voice.

As we go down life’s lonesome highway, seems the hardest thing to do is find a friend or two, a helping hand, someone who understands and when you feel you’ve lost your way you got someone there to say…I’ll show you

A friend. A helping hand, understanding, direction…hope.  You can find this in many places if you allow yourself to see.  It could be in a brother or sister, or father or mother, hopefully in your partner, it could be in a child, it could be in your religion or the memory of another.  It could be a dear friend or one who is yet to be discovered.  Someone to share your hope, to show you.  Show you what?  A dream?  A direction? An ideology? A thought? Your way?  Hope.

I know in my heart that good things will happen in 2010. Do I make resolutions?  Daily.  I always resolve to be a better person, a better father, a better husband and friend, a better christian, a better employee…a all around better version of the man I was when my head hit the pillow the night before(15,815).  I know that in 2010 my daughter will continue to mature and grow into a beautiful pre teen(AAHHHHHHHH!) and continue to warm my heart with her Love.  I know that hopes and dreams will become reality for many of us over the course of the year.  I know the economy is slowly getting better which should bring growth to our great country and bring in needed jobs and spendable income.  I know July will be pretty spectacular for Kitten and I and our families.

I pray for HOPE.  For all the families in dire straights.  For world peace and understanding.  For our own countries leaders to pull their heads out of their backsides and govern for the people for a change instead of their own agenda’s and to quit putting us deeper in debt with programs that don’t work and have no hope for working.  I have hope that Sydney will see all of God’s beauty in the snow, or the flowers of spring or the waves of summer or colors of fall.  I hope she sees good in people and continues to be a positive little girl with innocence and smarts.  I hope to see the sunset and sunrise and make the most of each opportunity that is given to us.  I hope to share, give and lead…maybe show someone the way.

This is the 44th year I have been blessed to be a part of.  If you figured out the heading you are a skilled mathematician, today is my 15, 816th day of life, Kitten’s 14,110th and Sydney’s 3,575th.  Amazing isn’t it?  Here’s to many more…and you too.

*the inspirational words were an old Lionel Richie song from the late 70’s called Say You, Say me.  I continue to enjoy finding religious messages in old and new.  The top 40 of 2009 on VH1 was loaded with them




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