To our health! Cheers

8 01 2010

nectar of the vine

Many of you(ok a couple maybe) will recall that each year, day for that matter, I resolve to be a better person.  God is my co-pilot in this daily venture but much of the work comes from within as with anything in life worth doing.  Part of bettering myself is to take better care of me physically and mentally(much of my mental state comes from how I feel physically) so I can better take care of those around me.

Better physical care can take many forms.  For me it is two phased: 1 physical activity and 2 eating better.  More on the first later lets talk input but more directly wine.  Red wine has been proven to be good for you, in moderation of course.  You will recall the old wives tale a glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away…it went something like that, however a bottle of wine a day may bring visits from other doctors or support groups.  You all may find it enlightening that we have a few good sources of wine in Saginaw, MI.  Princing’s Pharmacy(shameless family plug) has a nice selection of affordable wines from around the globe with prices and smiling faces you can’t beat.  If your tastes are more selective or you crave knowledge of the vine Cork and Ale ( covers the gamut and also is filled with friendly faces.  Try some you may like it and find yourself feeling better physically and mentally.

Ok for you trivia buffs, lets play a game.  I will call it what do you know about wine.  Here are a few questions and the answers will be posted below.  Good luck and good scores(sounds like I work in the bowling center).

1. There are 4 leftover wines in your girlfriends(if you are married don’t let your wife know…ha nervous laughter from some of you, tsk tsk) refrigerator.  All were purchased 4 weeks ago and opened, which is most likely to be the freshest?  a) the jug bottle with no cap b) the box wine(classy) c) the bottle with the cork d) the bottle with the screw cap

2.  You are served a white wine with your spicy asian meal.  It smells vaguely of diesel.  What are you drinking?  a) Sauvignon Blanc  b) Gewürztraminer c) Riesling d) chenin Blanc e)Beer I don’t drink white

3.  You’ve knocked your glass of prized Cabernet Sauvignon(or for you with curious tastes Night Train), all over your new white table cloth.  What do you do?  a) throw it in the washer and say a prayer b) sprinkle salt and soak in distilled vinegar(it’s ok to laugh here fellas, thats how we are programmed) c) bleach d)refill and forget e) soak in a dishwashing detergent peroxide mix f)ring that bad boy out back into your glass, waste not want not brother

This time of year I also have renewed vigor in my physical work out, which tends to wane through spring and summer as we become busier and more active on the boats.  Afterall the work out’s purpose is to get in shape for the sailing.  To kick off the year, I review my past regiments and tweak and change, same this year.  I started out by a heavy lifting routine of wrestling…the treadmill out of the basement and up two flights of stairs into the office(reclaiming my space, more later) went like this…hobble, hobble, drag, tweak, swear, hobble.  repeat.  Jenny helped and it is in place.

I like to sing while walking to pass the time as the scenery on the treadmill never changes.  In my mind I like to think I am like Chef from South Park, you know the taller, thinner, caucasian version…on a treadmill…with less soul…over active imagination, bingo!  Sydney has it too, ain’t life grand!  Our treadmill has fancy plug in stuff and you can hook up your iPod to speakers mounted in the unit, I know technology rocks(as do I kickin out classics).  So I wondered this morning as I am jammin’ to some Luther Vandross and walking, do the neighbors dig the singing with the Ipod plugged into the speakers or the random bursts of vocals when I use the ear buds? (remember it says deep thoughts right there at the top)

new from Nike the Air Hotties

Kitten is very active and enjoys walking as well, something we try to do together when the weather is nicer on the streets, or on a beach(going Dr. Suess on you).  She is a huge advocate of comfortable quality shoes(being a Physical Therapy Assistant will do that for you) and changing out before they break down which keeps your footsies happy and you motivated to “just do it”.  Any way, my mind wanders and the photo to the left is how I picture Jenny’s shoes on the tread mill(rolling my tongue making a purring noise, you know  like a kitten?).  They look comfy, no?  Way off track.

Answers to your wine trivia:

1.  b) box wine rocks for this due to the bladder inside that keeps oxygen out which is the Joker to wines Batman(enemy…get it, it’s a metaphor)

2.  c) as they age Riesling tend to develop a oily petroleum smell, it is sought after in some circles.  my answer would be E

3.  e)most of us would do D but mixing these two 2:1 works better than other methods, but for the sake of all that is good do F first.




One response

8 01 2010

I would agree to ring it out. I wouldn’t drink it myself but know many who would. Then give the stained table cloth to me. I am the queen of all stains. They all shake at the mention of my name.

The box of wine I would ordinarily agree but in the last few years we have discovered the Black Box. Obviously not first rate but very good for the price and you can just have one glass without the rest of the bottel going to waste. I am picky and really don’t like it the next day. Give it a try it came highly recomended by Richard our wine expert. Will (who has always been his own man) follows all Richards advice except smoking cigars and playing golf.

Will’s girlfriend doesn’t drink wine only crappy beer. Not even the good stuff. I really don’t know what he sees in her but that is his business ; )

I could go on all day about wine (not as much as the Six Million $ Man but close) but I won’t. Now I am laughing and telling Gretchen we have to check out P Pharm for wine next time I get to town. Not that I don’t believe you.

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