Why not Super Woman?

15 01 2010

So with my health being pretty good now it seems inevitable that I will not become the $6 million man.  Thoughts of Steve Austin don’t keep me awake any longer.  I did my research and learned all I needed to know about the bionic man for now.

Don’t get me wrong, I still lie awake at night and ponder about life’s unanswered questions and mysteries.  Recently I seem to be focused(term used loosely to describe my latest fascination) on Princess Diana of Themyscira, oh sorry you probably know her as Diana Prince, you know…Wonder Woman.
Created in 1941 by a gent named Dr. William Moulton Marston(three names…Dr. of Psycology…creating amazon warrior women…boy might of had a few issues of his own) who along with Super Man(Clark Kent) and Bat Man(Bruce Wayne) are the only three characters continuously published by DC Comics since the company began.  Dr. Marston’s vision for Wonder Woman was of a Amazon woman who’s ideals of love, peace and sexual equality are thrust into a world torn by the hatred of men, sort of.
In the mid 70’s, Linda Carter brought Wonder Woman to life on television.  We saw glimpses of her life including where she came from, the isle of Themyscira where her tribe of Amazon Woman(all incredibly attractive I would add) resided…with no men…where are the men?  How did you get so many women with out a man, who was that man?  Lucky dog.
So she arrives on our screen it is said, as the one chosen to return Steve Trevor, a US Intelligence dude who’s plane crashed on the island of all the pretty women.  I say bull to him, if he was intelligent he would of stayed on the island with all the women, but nooooo, ole Steve had to go home.  I will thank him for that as with out his return we would have no Wonder Woman.
She was powerful and beautiful.  Fast and strong with martial arts skills.  But what really amazed me and keeps me pondering this subject are her incredible ability to deflect bullets with what seem to be indestructible bracelets, amazing.  How does she move that fast and what are those things made of?  She doesn’t even wince.  She also has an invisible plane.  How the heck do you find the damn thing?  Stumble, stumble, shuffle…OW! found it.  Later in her comic life she could fly with out the plane.  I would like to get a hold of her Lasso of Truth…imagine the possibilities…so who spilled the milk…you can not tell a lie, I have the Lasso of Truth, maybe we could go to Washington with it, wow what a spectacle that would be with all of those door knobs we put in office, it would be fun to hear the truth for a change.
Why Wonder Woman?  Did Dr. Marston wonder about women?  I do.  Why not Super Woman(insert echo in the background)?  She could have flown by Super Man’s side.  I think Women are super.  My super woman is off shopping now with her mother for things no man should ever have to shop for, yup wedding dresses.  She doesn’t have those bracelets or an invisible plane(I wish) but she has the stare of truth, pretty incredible I might add.  She can do it all(except fly with out the aid of a plane) but doesn’t consider herself a super hero.  I sometimes look at my daughter and think in her eyes I may be a super hero(Super Dad).  At least I hope she thinks that and always will.  So who is your super or wonder woman or super dad?  We all have them don’t we?
So our Heroine has continued to evolve over the years.  She no longer looks like Linda Carter, she is now drawn quite manly in my opinion, look to the image on the left, it is as she appears in 2006, kind of looks like Elvis with breasts.  I prefer the feminine version.  There was also Wonder Girl and Wonder Tot thrown in the mix, I guess this is every animators goal to water down the brand until we can’t take it anymore, remember Super Boy, Super Girl, Scrappy Doo?
I still wonder even knowing all of this.  How would our woman of wonder handle todays villan’s?  The crisis’ of the world like the earthquake in Haiti.  Getting kids to eat better and excercise.  And don’t forget the Lasso of Truth with our politicians, that could be the next reality show, Wonder Woman where are you?
For all of you Super Women out there I leave you with this, enjoy and thanks.



2 responses

15 01 2010
Dale Lieffers

We all know they are SUPER.
We are in WONDER.
OR, do we WONDER?

31 03 2011
Stacey Wistehuff

Oh gosh you don’t want to get me started again. I can explain about the plane and the arm bands but I won’t. I never thought about the missing man thing and now I must. In College I went to Gretchen Bier’s house and her older brother Chris c/o 86 was watching a movie called Island of Beautiful women. That explains it except it is quite vulger. Some things we shouldn’t think about because it may ruin it. All the Wonder girl and wonder tot is just the companies trying to make money. I agree they just water it down. I wish they would stop.

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