Man’s best friend

27 01 2010

Dogs.  What is the deal with them?  Why do they love us unconditionally?  How did they get the moniker “man’s best friend”?  Who was the first cave man to domesticize(yes I said it) a wild beast and name him Dog?

Man’s best friend(MBF) has a storied history in the civilized world.  They have been loyal side kicks to kings, czars, presidents and men of power for years.  One of America’s most powerful and wealthy men, Ted Turner, rarely travels without his beloved Labrador retrievers.  originally used for hunting purposes for their keen senses and some for their retrieval skills, somewhere along the line these brave hunters became more…pets…family.

Lucy and Sam

As our two puppies (you may recall Lucy and Sam) lay at my feet this morning I began to ponder, relax its not about super heros or other mindless garbage that sometimes flows from my mind like…well you get the idea.  What is it about these beasts?  They are a lot of work.  A responsible dog owner takes the time and money to train and keep up their dogs health, not cheap is it Lucy($400 for a hurt ear for goodness sake)?  We are also charged with helping to control the pet population, right Bob(Barker, you know…Price is Right)?  We get down right gooey at times with our furry “kids” and hire professionals to take pictures( for goodness sake.  Some of which we turn into doggie art like tiles(  A good dog is a joy, a bad dog a detriment to society.  I like the smart dogs, the easy to train ones, the ones that live to please YOU.  I am drawn to floppy eared beasts and water dogs like retrievers, springers, spaniels and newfies, but also love a beautiful shepherd or collie type.  Some of you are drawn to the little yappie dogs that fit in Paris Hilton’s purse or the slightly larger dogs that resemble mops but still incessantly yap for no apparent reason but to annoy and offend.  For our purposes(read: my purposes) a dog, or official MBF must weigh at least 30 lbs and bigger is better baby!

Sam as a puppy in a basket

My favorite MBF and the two we have in our family now are Golden Retrievers.  They are smart, loyal and brave.  They are easy to train and will lick your chops if you let them(gross) but become fierce protectors when needed.  They are adorable puppies, little fluffy bundles of joy full of all kinds of trouble but also looking to please. 

So Vicious(youngest daughter whose God given name is Sydney) comes home from school with a project form.  Daddy she says, with eyes that would melt the heart of Darth Vader, can “we” do the school project this year?  I was taken back to a time when Sydney and I did our last project on the solar system and how much fun it was…Daddy?  Daddy? Hello?  I was caught day dreaming, darn it.  Well of course I agreed and asked my little darling(no pun intended Kitten but kind of cute eh?) what she had in mind.  She said she would like to do a story board on the history of the Golden Retriever…gasp…my  heart was swelling she wanted to discuss and learn about our MBF, our big sweeties, our big red machines…yea me(shameless Suite life reference for our younger readers).

Sydney has always had a love can do without you relationship with animals.  Loves you when she wants to and go play with yourself when she was done with you.  Fairly typical youngun in the world of petdom(made it up, so what).  In the past couple of years and much more so since Sam, Yosemite Sam if you must know his full name(the rootin tootinist puppy this here side of the Rio Grande), came home.  She is the designated feeder who upon request dons her cape and becomes…Food Girl…the only super hero a dog ever needed.  She has also started to appreciate the snuggling capabilities of our beasts and warmth and love they give.  All good.

So I look forward to digging into the history of our MBF and sharing it with all of you.  My thought is to have Sydney step in and be the guest author for the day and tell you in her words where our Golden Retrievers came from and why they have become one of the American Family’s favorite dogs.

Sammies restless, Lucy is content, my toes are toasty…good to be the king.




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27 01 2010
Ann Raske

Of course I was drawn to the dog blog…I love my 2 to pieces. I have to differ on your opinion on little dogs, my Stanley is as manly and ferocious as anyone! He does not bark alot and is a great watchdog. He is on the other hand is eating my carpet (replacable) and occasionally craps in the house. My husband has had kind of a tough time accepting the “lil bastard” as he calls him. He loves his Daisy, “The Dude” who is the big goofy one. That is more his style. Your Sam and Lucy are very adorable and I enjoy seeing pictures of them. dogs bring such joy and love. Everyday, I can’t wait to open the door after work and have them barrelling at me, just so happy to see me! What would we do without them.

5 05 2013
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certainly have the gift.

6 05 2013
Terrific Adopting A Golden Retriever Details

What’s up, yup this piece of writing is truly pleasant and I have learned lot of things from it about blogging. thanks.

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