New Man Toy $1500

30 01 2010

save your pennies boys a new toy might be on its way that makes being a man easier.

this came across my desk forwarded by the Actor(America needs you Gary).  It is priceless and really addresses the issue.  Oh the issue…right.  The issue of I am Man, I am comfy on the couch probably watching the Miami Dolphins kick the tail(get it…they are fish…tails?) of say the Indianapolis Colts(it is obvious isn’t it that Marino came out of retirement) sipping a beer eating say pizza from Leroy’s Grill & Bar and my beer runs dry.  Boy that beer was delicious and goes well with pizza and football I sure would like another, but I am soooo comfy I don’t want to lift my man ass off the couch to get one.  I could a) yell to the kid  b) kindly ask kitten who is probably not in the room, football remember 3) telepathically command Sam and Lucy to get me one(wouldn’t that be cool)  d)do nothing or 5) get one of these bad boys:

Yes Dave, the mother of necessity…

Enjoy your weekend and dudes switching to Busch Light for a month or two, those pennies add up, just saying.




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