1 02 2010

I am not one to jam religion or politics down anyones throat, we all have beliefs and we don’t all agree.  So I am not so much pressing my beliefs on you today as I am sharing a bible lesson and some of the wonder that surrounds it and what we would do in today’s times if it were to happen now.

Jesus casting out the unclean spirit

Yesterday’s Gospel reading at my church, Good Shepherd Lutheran in Saginaw(http://goodshepherdsaginaw.com) was Luke 4:31-44.  I am not going to reprint it for you, go ahead and crack open your Bible, its good for the soul.  I will however summarize it for you.  Jesus was going to Capernaum and teaching those gathered, they were astounded by His authority, a man possessed by an unclean spirit called Him out saying I know who you are, Holy One of God.  Jesus cast out the unclean spirit, all were amazed and began to question where He gets such authority and power.  He also started healing the sick in this time starting with Simon’s mother in law and then the masses and the demons came out crying You are the Son of God. 

Jesus caused quite a stir as you can imagine.  I imagine it frightened many.  I also believe this is the beginning of the ultimate demise of his physical body, leading to His crucifixion.  He scared the elders, the leaders and the unclean.  He healed the sick and helped the hungry, what a great guy.  I would imagine those in power could see the proverbial writing on the wall, the people would all eventually follow this “Savior” of the people as He does good and asks for nothing in return.  Ultimately enough people were frightened or greedy for their own power that He was crucified on a cross, ultimately saving all our sins, another good for the people.

Healing the sick

So I wonder.  What would we do today if a man, remember He was physically born, flesh and blood, surfaced with such authority and powers to heal the sick and cast out all that is demonic?  Would we embrace Him?  Follow His teachings.  Would we be smart enough to recognize who He is, especially if we have been reading his teachings our whole lives?  Would we allow Him to save our country or world, Lord knows it needs it?  Or would we cast him out?  Make Him out to be evil, or unclean?  Would we crucify Him in a modern way, what ever that is?  What would Jesus do?

As a species, we are not quick to embrace new things.  We do not believe the unexplained.  We struggle with the strange.  We are a touchy feely people, you know if it looks like dirt and feels like dirt it must be dirt kind of people.  We cry for proof.  Show me a sign, show me the way, show me proof.

Amazingly God’s love for us is unconditional.  He doesn’t ask for proof.

Not sure where I was going with this except to make us think.  Have we learned anything from history or past mistakes?  Will our children?  Or are we destined to repeat history?  I am not sure if Jesus will return in a physical form but know that he is among us.




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1 02 2010

I sometimes ask God for a burning bush but I know in my heart it doesn’t work that way. But I do know that know matter what he is with us and loves us even if we smash up the car (not meant to be funny).

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