They just don’t get it do they?

8 02 2010

Last thursday, the House of Representatives(this is quickly becoming a joke, should be the house of what ever I damn well please), voted to allow our government to go $1.9 trillion(yes TRILLION) deeper in debt.  Just in case you are wondering, that is around $6,000 more per US resident.

This rather large increase to an already alarming level, over $14 Trillion, was designed by the Democratic leaders so that they wouldn’t have to vote again on another large increase before facing voters this fall who are already upset over debt and government spending.  You can’t make this stuff up, this came from the Associated Press and staff writer Andrew Taylor, by the way a Democrat.  Our national debt is roughly $40,000 per person in all, that is of thursday keep in mind, which is more than the national average income, anyone see any warning signs popping up?  Mayday, Mayday!

One leader was quoted as saying, and I agree with him that we are piling this debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren and they have no relief in sight.  Sorry Sydney, Stephanie and grandchildren to be named later.  Your father’s generation(or grandpa’s) had a bunch of leaders who were plain stupid and greedy so you will suffer for it.  Good luck.

I unfortunately have to place the blame for this one where it belongs, on the Democratic party, as they are splitting the country again.  They are forcing legislation that they know will have no support from their fellow Republican leaders for their own gains(remember unhappy voters, elections in November) because they know they can, they have the numbers to push it through.  Sad.  The vote was 217 for and 212 opposed.  Not one Republican voted for this, however 37 Democrats voted against it.  Interesting, or is it?  The 37 Dem’s against it were from GOP-leaning districts, so in essence they were sending out a personal Mayday.  Rep. Jim McGovern, Democrat from Massachusetts said “I can’t think of a more reckless or irresponsible act”.  Again, I can’t make this stuff up.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not bashing the Democrats, they don’t need any help on this one.  We need our two major parties to get along.  If our children played this way on the play ground, we would sit them down and have a stern talk with them on how to play nicely with the other children.  I guess we should do the same with our leaders.  The political process in our country is so corrupt I wonder if it can be fixed.  Legislation is forced through with no real thought to what is right for us, WE THE PEOPLE, or our country.  It is so laden with add ons due to corrupt bargaining to gain votes that the final bill or law hardly resembles the original intent.

Our national debt and national spending is increasing at an increasing rate  never before seen.  There are new budget rules in place that will force the hand of Congress going forward.  It will force future leaders to fund spending increases or tax cuts(yes tax cuts need to be funded, where did you think the money came from) with either cuts to other programs or tax increases.  Guess what the first automatic cuts will be in.  Medicare, farm subsidies and unemployment insurance.

The new motto in Washington should be “can’t we all just get along”?  Our country wanted change.  Not sure  they have gotten any, but it is still needed to try to get this country back on track.  Things we need to remember in November.  One thing has changed, the Dow opened below 10,000 this morning….




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12 02 2010

I wish this was all a made up story. If only Oboma was a fable. Writen to teach the government about the way not to run the country. Then there could be someone standing in front of the senetores and congressmen giving them all the moral to the story. And they all listened politely and learned their lessons – The End

Don’t you think our country would like my story rather than the reality?

12 02 2010

Fairy tales and happy endings for all. the jack asses we have in office, do you hear some disrespect…you should its justified as they are disrepecting everyone of us by the way they are destroying our country. Our poor kids…

1 02 2012

To understand politicians you have to understand the personality that most seem to have. The sad fact is that having psychopathic traits can boost a politicians career as this video explains:

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