The History of the Golden Retriever

19 02 2010

Guest editor Sydney Lauren Princing & Daddy

This week’s rendition as promised is offered up by guest columnist Sydney L. Princing. 

For my school science fair project I chose a subject that is close to me, Golden Retrievers.  I asked Daddy if he would like to help me and he said yes.  

The Man(Daddy) and I(remember viewers I still edit this whether I write it or not, so yes…The Man) have done science fair projects in the past, one of my favorites was a map of the solar system.  This year Daddy made me do a lot more work than I used to.  He helped me go online and get reference material, he had me highlight what I thought was important information and then I had to make notes and separate into groups by general information, breed characteristics and history.  It was a lot of work, but I am very proud of the project.  The final phase was putting it all together on a presentation board with photo’s, some of our dogs and other borrowed images.  Daddy typed the words I gave  him to be put on the board.  Following are my results. 

All about Golden Retrievers.  They are more than cute fuzzy little puppies, they are very good companions and workers too.  Golden’s are mild-mannered, extremely trainable, intelligent and eager to please.  Golden’s are a mid to larger size dog with a kind expression, dark eyes and a happy tail.  Golden’s are mild tempered, kind, loving, gentle and happy dogs. 

Golden’s are a symmetrical and powerful dog.  They are active, sturdy and said to be well put together.  They are graceful(although if you saw Sam, our puppy you would disagree), not clumsy and have a friendly expression and unique personalities that express loving, intelligence, confidence, and loyalty.  Their fur, or coats are dense and water repellant and neither soft or corse and can be straight or wavy. 

With their intelligence, ease of training and eagerness to please, Golden’s are used for many activities besides pets.  They are successful in field trials, obedience,  hunting, guide dogs for the blind and rescue dogs.  With all of these characteristics it is no wonder  Golden’s are one of the most popular breeds in America, according to the American Kennel Club(AKC).   They are also popular entertainers appearing in movies like Air Bud and TV shows like Full House. 

The History of the Golden Retriever.  Golden’s are a young breed originating in Scotland in the late 1800’s.  Lord Tweedmouth(she giggles) developed the dog with his desire for a loyal, kind, energetic dog with a love of water and the ability to retrieve game.  The base for the breed was the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel but was also bred with Newfoundland’s, Irish Setter’s, Blood Hounds, and Black Wavy Coated Retrievers.  They were first shown in 1908 as the Golden flat Coats and in 1913 became the Golden Retriever with the formation of the Golden Retriever Club of England.  The first Golden arrived in the USA in 1920 and was recognized by the AKC in 1925.  Over the years the breed flourished as a hunting dog and was becoming known for being a valued family companion too.  The golden Retriever has become one of the most successful, recognized and popular breeds in history. 

What is a typical Golden Retriever like?  In addition to its hunting and training traits the Golden’s most distinguishing feature is its golden coat.  They come in three recognized colors: Light golden, golden and dark golden.  According to the AKC males generally weigh between 65-75lbs(Sam must have been bred with a Moose) and are 23-24 inches tall at the shoulder.  Females range between 55-65lbs and are 21 – 22 inches tall.  They have floppy ears and may have feathering of their fur at the legs, chest and tail.  Some get graying on the face with age or white markings on their chests. 

My Golden Retrievers.  I have two Golden Retrievers in my family.  One boy and one girl.  Our girl is named Lucy and she is going to be 8 years old.  She loves swimming and running in the yard, she is loving and very smart.  Our boy is named Yosemite Sam, Sam for short.  He is 10 months old and already bigger than Lucy.  He is also smart and learning to like the snow and water, he is very snuggly and warm(girls will be girls, I would have said ferocious and menacing). 

The finished project. Friend Brianna, Lucy, Sam and Sydney

About the author:  Sydney is a 4th grader at Ling Elementary in Hemlock, MI where she excels in math, science and reading.  In her free time she is an aspiring actress, figure skater, sailor, hunter, sledder, future leader of the free world, colorer and explorer.




7 responses

19 02 2010

Very well done!

19 02 2010
Dale Lieffers

School projects – how great! Brings back a lot of memories. Loved the science projects.
My brother has 2 goldens, Bonnie and Buddy. Spoiled rotten. Great lap dogs!

20 02 2010

Excellent report! The history was particularly interesting to me. I always wondered how new breeds of dogs were established. I can see that you had a lot of fun with this assignment.

23 02 2010
Tony De Mull

You have a very smart young lady on your hands Matt. Great job with the report. Keep up the great work.

27 02 2010
Kimberly Baxter

Hi Sydney,
I had two golden retrievers Chelsea and Ginger. They were more than our family pets, they both were my companions. A single mother for many years, when my children were working or gone I always had my girls with me. They loved to travel and went where ever I went. They both passed away, one year apart, and I miss them very much, greatest dogs in the world! Your article brought back good memories of them Thanks

14 05 2010
Billie-Jo Pike

Hi Sydney, My name is Billie-Jo. I have been on the net for weeks researching Goldens myself trying to find the best dog for my family,When I came upon your wounderful project. I have spoken to vet’s, breeders and groomers and now I have read what a child has to say about these loving friends 🙂 I think I can say my mind is made up. I have a 4th grader too, also a 1st grader and a 4 year old. We have never had a Golden before, I think our first one is going to fill our hearts and be a pet we will never forget. Thank you for all of your info. You have been a big help and I hope you got an A on your project. You and your dad make a good team.
Take care and Great Job!

18 08 2010
beagle problems

hehe. this is very true. Pretty much says it all.

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