It’s the little things

24 02 2010

I lay awake tonight and my mind is wandering, nothing new here just pondering the world and all its glories.  I start to think about it and what makes it for people, me maybe.  You can define it in many ways from the meaning of life or understanding women or natures wonders.  But mostly I wonder what makes it for me, what completes me what makes my world go round.  The biggest of course are obvious… religion, family and friends.  Surely they help us become…but I think there is more that brings the whole picture together.  I think it’s the little things.

One day it was the soft cry of a baby entering MY world or the sun breaking over the horizon issuing in a new day.  Somedays it’s a wet nose on the pillow with a wag of the tail or the smell of coffee brewing with fresh muffins.  It can be a simple press of the snooze button or a-tiptoe so as not to wake.  Some mornings it’s a groggy “I’m still tired daddy” and a nuzzle into my shoulder.  It’s the peace and quiet before the world awakes, it’s a loving gaze or tender touch that says more than words.  It’s a wave to see you later alligator, and a blown kiss for afterwhile crocodile.  It’s a scarf wrapped tight and a door held open or a warm car on a cold day.

It’s a kind word and a good sermon.  Somedays it’s a burger at Farmers with the one that I love or a walk on the beach with the future.  It can be singing silly songs or making up stories or teaching little ones to sow seeds.  Somedays its falling and picking ourselves back up or its bravery in the face of adversity or fear of the unknown.  It can be the morning-glory opening in front of you dripping with dew or the wag of the dog’s tail.

Somedays it can bring you down, others it lifts you up.  Yesterday it was the homemade french onion soup and piece of smoked roast, tomorrow perhaps pizza.  We sometimes have it accompanied by pride in a job well down and the agony of defeat.  It can be that thought at 2pm that keeps us alert and active instead of wanting to nap.  Sometimes I find it in a memory of a loved one past or a daydream of a future ahead.  I hear it in giggles coming from the kitchen and the smell of the cookies that lingers.

The lap of waves against the hull of the boat or the gentle motion in the waves.  The freedom of sailing or the leisure of being at anchor.  Some days it’s the warmth I feel with my toes in the sand or the coolness of a clean sheet.  It’s the call from a loved one just to say hi or an email from a long-lost pal. It lives in the bell at 3:25 that announces to the world that little things come in small packages and the thump thump thump of tails when the bigger little person comes home.  It’s a prayer before dining, and a polite request to be excused, don’t forget to kiss the cook.

It’s a A on the report card, or a sniffle of the nose.  The sounds of singing in the bath or on the treadmill and the joke about stepping on the cat.  It’s a warm clean fuzzy monkey reading before bed and a warm fuzzy kitten winding down.  Somedays it can be excited chatter about tomorrows fun, or the thoughts and prayers we say when the day is done.  It’s the sigh of a tired girl and the comfort of the old stuffed rabbit.  The switch of the light and a request and thanks from above before we say good night.

I Love you too.

Amazingly these are just some of the random thoughts that make it for me in a normal day, things I often take for granted.  Gifts really, that I hope will always be there.  If they are not I will still consider myself blessed to have been touched by the little things.




One response

26 02 2010

Did I inspire this with my talk about blessings and knowing what they are? You wrote it on the same day.

I have a really great and original idea for a book. Maybe you should think about writing it since I am not a good writer and you are. I think with your humor and persective on things you might have fun with it. Any progress on the job front.

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