Apolo yes…Lindsey not so much

26 02 2010

I don’t like Lindsey Vonn.  Yes I said it.  It didn’t start this way, just kind of grew like a wart or better…a hemmoroid.

I don’t follow much winter sport activity, its cold man, but I have to admit I was drinking the Kool Aid with the 2010 games in Vancouver.  Much of the hype for Team USA was about this female downhill skier named Lindsey Vonn, I didn’t know her from Adam, but she was appearing in commercials, on the morning shows like Today and got mentions on the holiest of sports shows Sports Center, so I am starting to think she must be good.  Along with my Kool Aid buzz on this woman I see her on these shows and man if I don’t find out she is a good-looking woman too, like Barbie with skis.  So I am set to tune, but in the back of  my  mind I start to wonder, are there other members of the woman’s olympic Team USA?

I see her ski, she’s pretty good.  Not sure I would say great, she falls alot, came into the games with a bruised shin, so that is all the media talked about  even after she won a medal.  I started to hear grumblings supposedly from other members of the team(ah ha! there are others) that it was all about how Lindsay was doing.  Losing some of the shine for me, I am a team player and even though these are individual events, the team had a lot to do with where you are missy.

After her medal is where she lost me.  She was crying and blubbering on TV(expected, it’s a Olympic Medal) and said “I gave up so much for this” more than once.  Really?  Like what?  A middle class income like us working stiffs?  I checked and successful Olympians, especially on high profile sports like women’s downhill events are not poor.  In actuality they make a very good living during and after the games, thanks to donations to the US Ski Team and of course sponsors and speaking fees.  Most are quite rich by monetary standards. Oh and don’t forget, she has been getting paid to ski for 12 years.  Next out of her mouth was “I worked so hard”.  Really?  I thought that was the idea when you made the Team, were you the only one that worked hard, if so…bravo to you, you are the greatest.

She is not the only talent on the Woman’s downhill team, but for the life of me I can’t name another one.  Maybe that’s due to Ms. Vonn getting all the attention.  I know there was one really great mogul skier, she was older for an Olympic athlete, had pink hair and pig tails but I can’t think of her name, she won a bronze medal.  She was great.  I bet she worked hard too.

I like Apolo One.  It didn’t start this way, it kind of grew on me, like a puppy does or an acquired taste say like a good bourbon.

I didn’t like him at all, and it had nothing to do with him, it was a preconceived notion.  See he  is a bit on the short side and confident, so….I assume he has the Napoleon syndrome, we all know the guy that’s like 5 foot tall wears cowboy boots with BIG heels and drives a jacked up truck he needs step bars to get into, you know the first guy to get in your face thinking he is tougher than most, like one of those little dogs that yaps all the time.  It appears this is not the case with Apolo.

I don’t know much about speed skating, but I can’t not watch it now.  This coming from the man who can barely stand on ice skates(this is being very generous).  As kids we played hockey in our boots.  These people are amazing, smooth, powerful and risky.  I never knew there were tactics and game plans involved, but it is truly a risk reward type of thinking game going along with the skill to skate.  Man do they skate.

I came to favor the short track events, as more skaters were involved and the Nascar fan in me still likes crashes.  Nobody is as smooth as Apolo Ono.  As far as I can tell, no one is more powerful or has the bursts of speed he has and I really enjoy watching  him as he holds back and watches the race develop in front of him.  Some how he knows exactly when to make his move, and the others racing against seems powerless, like he filled his socks with kryptonite and in a blink he has passed the field with skates that seem to be on rails and powers to the front.  Amazing.  I like him.

Overall a great Olympic event from my perspective.  Don’t like ice dancing, the one Korean figure skater, she is incredible, bobsled and luge is for the crazy and they still don’t show enough hockey.




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26 02 2010

Couple of things about Lindsey Vonn… I suspect that the stuff she lost and was crying about was her family. She and her father haven’t spoken in 3-4 years…pretty much because of skiing. Also, apparently her training routine is insane.

The other racers acknowledge that nobody trains anywhere near as hard as she.

Also, the US Ski team and the US Olympic Committee have pretty much nothing to do with the athletes getting good… Just think USSailing and you’ll get the picture. The good athletes raise thier own sponsorship, hire thier own coaches, trainers etc… and the various teams pretty much are just a taxing authority…

26 02 2010

Thanks Will, she is very talented and hope she repairs the riff with her father. As a father I would struggle with not talking or being a part of my childrens lives, I have no idea what their circumstances are but hope they over come them.

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