Don’t Give up…Don’t ever give up

1 03 2010

March is here! I have been waiting all year for this.  March is arguably my favorite time of year, for  many reasons.  My daughter was born in March, that alone  makes it special.  The sun is higher in the sky which makes it warmer and a sure sign that spring is around the corner.  Sailing is on the tip of everyone’s(well sailors anyway) mind.

Basketball.  Enough said.  March IS basketball.  More specifically Men’s College Basketball.  65 of the best teams in the United States go to the dance, the big show.  The best.  Thursday through Sunday, College Basketball.  I will cheer for the Spartans first and foremost and other Big Ten teams as well.  The real winners are us…the basketball fans. 

My mind always reflects to a man in March.  A basketball man.  A great coach, father, husband and fighter.  A man who won the big dance(NCAA Basketball Championship) as the coach of North Carolina State, and won the hearts of America as a fighter for cancer research.  I think of Jimmy V, Jim Valvano.

Cancer is a terrible disease.  Many of us will probably fight it in our lives, some of us will beat it, some of us will be beat by it.  Science and medicine are constantly searching for more answers and clues to one day find a cure.  It takes people, time and money.  When Jim Valvano was diagnosed with cancer and told he had a year to live, he chose to fight.  The fight he chose was not for him, it was for his wife and his daughters.  He was a realist, he knew that the chance of a cure being found in time to save himself was very slim, but he wanted to fight for his family and future generations.  So in what I consider to be one of the greatest speeches of all time (1993 ESPY Awards), he announced a new foundation that would fight cancer and fund research.  This was the beginning of the V foundation for Cancer Research(  An organization that took on Jim Valvano’s personality and drive…and fight.  Today it is still one of the premier fund-raisers for cancer research.

Cancer can take away all  my physical abilities.  It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart and it cannot touch my soul.  And those three things are going to carry on forever.  -Jim Valvano

If you have never heard this speech, I encourage you to view it below.  If you have heard it, listen again.  It is truly inspiring and gut wrenching and brave.




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