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8 03 2010

I am feeling very giving these last few days.  I am leaning towards the reemergence of the sun into our world.  It has been sunny and unseasonably warm for the past few days and will be all week, 51 today, yes 51 in early March in Michigan.

This warm spell certainly has us thinking  about spring.  One of the boats is out of the barn and stacked with another boat getting ready to head to Miami this week.  I will unfortunately not be with that boat, but that is ok, I will meet up with them in St. Pete the following week for a few days of sailing.

So with my new sunny disposition I wondered…how can I make someones life easier…how can I open someones new horizons…how can I share my wealth of useless knowledge with others in the world?  What do I have knowledge about that is worth sharing?  I narrowed today’s subject down to two:  Beer and being a Dad.  Ironically they sometimes go together, but for todays discussion, not so much, today I will offer some alternative uses of beer, the amber liquid that Benjamin Franklin(you know, founding father, kite flying key zapping guy) once was quoted to say “beer is living proof that God wants us to be happy”, and cool things to do with your children.

Beer, sometimes referred to as the nectar of the gods.  Distinctly goes hand in hand with American Man things like football and Nascar.  Cool, crisp, refreshing, mmm mmm good.  No denying its deliciousness but my friends it’s not just for breakfast anymore, there is more to beer than….drinking it.

Here are a few  alternative uses of barley pop.  In the beauty world it is used on your hair, not sure how I guess you pour a little on  your head and a little down your throat…ok works for me.  It is also good for you skin  so a beer bath would be in order who wouldn’t like to soak in a bath of say Heineken while enjoying the same from a mug(not dipped from the bath please).

On the health side beer is found to be helpful as well.  Kidney stones are painful and to be avoided at all costs.  Beer, in moderation, can help dissolve kidney stones due to the fact that it causes you to use the boys room more often thus flushing out your kidneys and the stuff that forms the stones(not the Rolling Stones).  Of course beer in excess can actually cause kidney stones so be careful.  Beer has also been shown to lower your blood pressure.  Some studies say more so than wine.  If you a insomniac you may want to try beer.  It will certainly help you fall asleep, but it does not induce REM sleep so you may not wake up fully rested and ready to go.

Need to get rid of rodents?  Mice love beer.  You can create a trap with a bucket and some beer and sort of MacGyever it into a mouse termination machine.  bye bye Mickey.

Food and beer, need I say more.  How about beer basted bratwurst, yum.  Beer battered fish, oh yeah.  Veggies in beer….why not they might even make okra taste good and even if it doesn’t you can always wash it down with more beer.

Who doesn’t love their kids?  This alone doesn’t make us cool dad’s(this is a dad aimed conversation since I am not a mom).  Mom’s seem to be programmed with fun software while dad’s can struggle when it comes to playing or entertaining young uns.  I learned this first hand with Sydney, her mom is very good at keeping her entertained with all that is girly, me not so much.  Now I have a lot of help and direction from Kitten who also excels at girly.  Crafty I am not, foo foo no way, dolls I hope I am done with as Sydney makes me talk like a girl.  So what can we as Dad’s do?

Here is a short list of ideas.  Go to an amusement park, yup they are all over the country, doesn’t have to be Disney World, besides Mickey is drinking the beer remember?  arcades are fun say at Chuckee Cheese or the said amusement park, or a home field game of Wii.  Movies today are amazing, we just saw Alvin and the Chipmunks the squeakuel, very funny, be prepared to sacrifice your first-born male for a bucket of popcorn and a soda.  How about taking in a game, say a Spartan basketball game or a high school game in your neighborhood, we like to see Uncle Moo coach at Valley Lutheran(www.vlhs.com).  One of our favorites is the beach and boats.  Our beaches in Michigan are great and our water is a precious resource you can not find anywhere else in the world.  Sydney has come to be a pretty good sailor as well, something we love to do together and its green, no motor, no gas, no emissions, no noise but the water wind and waves.

So live beer, love your children and have some fun.




5 responses

8 03 2010
Ann Raske

The Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld doesn’t sell beer…at all.

8 03 2010

Magic Kingdom, no, but Epcot and MGM(or whatever they call it now) yes. Universal Studios really has the ticket with Budweiser everywhere man

8 03 2010
Stacey Wistehuff

Nicely written that Ben quote is one of my favorites. More uses for beer. Work out, I have to go down to the basement and back up if I want a beer. That should burn A calorie or two. Beer Margaritas are fabulous. you can use it in your pancake mix (replace with water) and they get nice and fluffy from the yeast in the beer. My mom always told me that the alcohol evaporates but I don’t think the pancakes cook that long. Beer bread is really great with spinach dip.

For Sydney you should try teaching her to check and change the oil. She will be a car owner some day and this will make her more independant. I never do those things now but back in college I did. Small fix it jobs are good too. they always helped with my self esteam when I was a kid. After a while I think my mom took advantage because I don’t think I should have painted as many rooms as I did. If you want to take her to the water park in Frankenmuth and I can try to get you coupons. I haven’t ever had to pay full price there. You don’t have to spend the night you can just use the water park.

I think Ann may be wrong about Disney. We were there two years ago and we had beer. We did on the cruise but I think that is an all different ball game.

8 03 2010
Stacey Wistehuff

Instead of submit comment I think I need a special button that says submit another chapter of my novel

8 03 2010

ha ha, love your comments I get lots of ideas.

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