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30 03 2010

With all the turmoil in our country surrounding health care and other shady politics being practiced in Washington it was refreshing to be a part of our family this week.  We celebrated some very significant milestones and reflected on how we arrived at this point in our lives.

Jenna and Sydney

Our first milestone came with a touch of sadness and a whole lot of happiness.  Sadness, because you see, my baby is no longer a baby.  The little girl who used to fit in the crook of  my arm turned 10 years old.  Daddy’s little girl is growing up, ouch, I mean she was just born yesterday right?  March 23, 2000 at 5:53 pm, yesterday.  They say time flies when you’re having fun, it must.  She has grown into a beautiful little girl, very smart and mature for her age.  With all the adversity she has gone through in her short life, none of it her own doing, she is incredibly level-headed and worldly.  Remember polite children?  She is one, as all should be but it seems to be a forgotten art, or is it a lack of respect or pure lack of parenting in today’s generation?  I am very proud of her, she has all the tools and morals to do great things and it is my goal to provide her the means.  Happy Birthday Vicious!

Sam and Lucy

Milestone number two this week is about Sam.  You remember Sam, he was that cute little fur bag we brought home last spring, we liked him he was new.  As of today, he is no longer new.  Sam, Yosemite Sam actually, the rootin tootinist puppy this here side of the Rio Grande, turned one year old.  Newness is wore off, not even officially a puppy anymore, although he will always be our puppy.  The fluff bag that Sydney carried out of the car about a year ago, now rivals her in weight, 66 lbs and is a good 4 inches taller than Lucy, who will turn 8 next month.  He is a very healthy, strong beast.  He has no idea how big he is and still insists on cuddling on the couch or bed and run through the yard like a young colt or Chet the reindeer from The Santa Clause II, absolutely lacking control and coordination, he likes tater tots.

Milestone 3 was a bit of a surprise, although if you read the stats I guess it shouldn’t be.  Our Mighty Spartans, Michigan State’s Men’s Basketball Team, returns to the final four.  Amazing when you think about it, this team overcame so much adversity and injury.  First they lacked a leader and Coach Tom Izzo, one of the greatest in the game, made some choices to hold players out of practice and games to drive his points home and find a leader.  He did in Kalin Lucas and Saginaw native Draymond Greene.  Kalin suffered a year ending ruptured Achilles in the tournament.  Two other players Chris Allen and Delvon Roe also suffered injuries in the tournament but have been able to play sparingly.  Freshman and little used walk ons are having to play, and they keep on winning.  This is Coach Izzo’s 6th final four in 12 years as the head coach, incredible.  They are the underdog going into next weekend’s games, but I wouldn’t count them out, historically they return to the town they won their last championship, Indianapolis in 2000.

Grandpa's girls

As much fun as the game was to watch and Sydney’s birthday party was to join in, it was so much more.  We celebrated these events together.  We had Mom and Dad, sister and brothers and nieces cheering for the birthday girl and the Spartans.  Jenna, my youngest niece came dressed in her Sparty cheerleader uniform complete with pom pons.  When she wasn’t cheering for the green and white she was the birthday girls number one helper.  As a token of her thanks, Sydney gave each family a loaf of artisan bread we baked that morning.  Good times.

Happy Birthday Sydney and Sam.  Go Green!




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30 03 2010

that’s a damn big dog… Happy Birthday Syd

Uncle Brian

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