The age of innocence?

19 04 2010

Today’s post is a journey through time, a simpler time before the World Wide Web turned our world global.  It’s like a wander through history or a journey with Bill and Ted, you know an excellent adventure but without Abe and Socrates.  It’s also a game of trivia to see if you have kept up with your world history.  So…do you know the year?  Here are some of the headlines from this year:

World Events

     The world population is 3.415 billion.  France has withdrawn from NATO.  India is suffering from the      worst   famine it has seen in 20+ years.  The USA sends $1 billion in aid to India.

U.S. Events

US population is 196,560,338.  Lyndon Johnson is President.  Our life expectancy is 70.2 years.  Medicare begins on July 1st.  The Supreme Court rules for Miranda rights to protect the accused.

U.S. Economics

US GDP is $787.8 billion(1998 dollars).  Federal spending is $134.53 billion, federal debt is $328.5 billion.  Unemployment is at 4.5% and a first class stamp costs $0.05.



Baltimore wins the World Series and Boston Celtics win the NBA Championship.  Montreal beat our beloved Red Wings for the Stanley Cup while Billie Jean King wins Wimbledon.  Texas Western wins the NCAA Basketball Championship.  Notre Dame is the NCAA Football Champion and in one poll Michigan State shares the title.


The first episode of Star Trek airs on September 8th and is about a creature that sucks salt from human bodies.  The Sound of Music wins best picture at the Oscars.  Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass with a Grammy for A Taste of Honey and the chairman of the board, Frank Sinatra wins album of the year with September of My Years.


Insulin is synthesized in China.  The DNA code is deciphered by MIT biochemist Har Khorana and begins the age of genetic engineering.  The FDA declares “the pill”, oral contraceptive, safe for human use.  The Nobel Prize for Chemistry is awarded to an American, Robert Mulliken, for research on holding atoms together in molecules and the Award for Medicine also goes to American Charles Huggins for his studies in the treatment of cancer of the prostate.


Mickey and Minnie lost Walt.  Dennis and Nancy were doubly blessed.

Did anyone figure it out?  The year….1966.




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