Best of the Best

22 04 2010

Just a public service announcement.  It’s time to place your vote for the Best of the Best 2010 Reader’s Choice Awards for the Saginaw News.

This is our chance to tell readers what we like by voting with pride for our favorite businesses in the Saginaw area. 

New this year, voting will take place online, welcome to the 21st century, at  .  I am being told the process is very user friendly, less time consuming and easier to complete.  sweet.

Share with friends and family.  I like to think of it as a time when we can show appreciation for the people, businesses and services that help us through our days.  Remember when local business’s ruled?  Well on the personal service side most still do if the big boxes haven’t put them out yet.

I like my local pharmacist, thanks dad so I will be voting for Princing’s Pharmacy for best of the best pharmacy.  I like Jack’s Market so I will vote for that local business for best meat and fruit market.  My choice for nursery is a toss up with the McDonald’s Nursey and Grohman’s.  How about towing services?  My choice here is a smaller company but great service so I vote TM Towing.  Engraving and Award service easily the best in town is Award and Sports (  Best burger in my opinion is Farmers Home Tavern, best steak I am going with Jakes (   Favorite wine emporium Cork & Ale of course(

So lots of choices, have some fun and go the vote.  See if you can propel your favorites to the top.




One response

22 04 2010
Ann Raske

Is The Texan still open on State St.? I always loved their steak sandwich. Oh, and another great steak sandwich is out at Twin Oaks golf course. I made my husband golf with me out there last year so we could get the sandwich. Tony’s is also good but often a little too greasy. Can you tell I’m starving right now? and could really go for a steak sandwich;)

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