Strength and Character in the face of adversity

7 05 2010

I had a date last night.  With the most beautiful girl in the world.  My 10 year old daughter Sydney Lauren.  I was asked to take her to her first dance at school, the Spring Dance.

Backing up a little bit it went down like this.  Sydney shows me a flier for the dance and says with her eyes big and beautiful “Daddy I want to go will you go with me?” as my heart swells and skips a beat, I would imagine I blushed a little, my little girl wants me to take her to a dance.  It was official, my status was safe for another year(give or take).  I was still The Man, Daddy, her Superman.  I hadn’t yet fallen into the embarrassing old dad category yet.  Yes!

Man I was excited.  She talked about getting fancied up(she is a country girl you know) and I got caught up in the whole proud daddy thing daydreaming about it for the days to come before.

I picked up after school and work and we raced home.  She picked out a beautiful purple dress and proceeded to my closet.  She picked out my clothes as well, a sharp gray suit with a blue shirt and a striped tie, I looked pretty good, but then again I am The Man remember.  In her eyes I am quite handsome and have super powers to ward off evil.  I chose to leave my afro wig and ghetto gliders in the closet for this evening, since I am not embarrassing dad yet, I will save those for later. 

Jenny arrived just as we were heading out, so she quick changed and went with us.  She helped me pin on the corsage I had bought for my date.  I guess Jenny was in the chaperone role, hmmm.  Two pretty girls on each arm, what more could a man ask for?  I know you are thinking correctly, I am a blessed man.

The Man, didn’t read the flier very well so we drove to 3 different school before I picked the right one.  We arrived, could hear the noise and music and walked in.  Enter the screeching sound you hear when you drag the needle across a record(some of you are not old enough to remember record players).  This is where my dream world stopped and reality sunk in.  Sydney and her friends are caught up in the excitement and rush off to do children things and a little dancing.  I sat on the sidelines with Kitten and soaked it all in.  She was growing up, and she was doing it really well.

Sydney to me is my hero.  I look up to her and she is only 10.  She is a remarkably calm, polite, level headed and very smart young lady.  Most children that go through what she has aren’t this way.  She has managed to go through all the obstacles and life choices her mother and I made, illnesses of loved ones, too many surgeries for loved ones (children get scared when your sick or you have tubes that don’t belong there sticking out you), death of loved ones, job loss of The Man and still managed to be a kid, a very strong kid, but a kid.  We have scarred her I have no doubts but she shines and her character grows everyday.  She is like a Lioness, hear her roar.  She is impressive to say the least.

I take great pride in my daughter.  I am pulled aside on occasion, more than you would think, and complimented on Sydney’s manners.  As a whole I don’t see many children that are polite and have good manners in today’s world, sad but true.  Now don’t get me wrong, she tests to see how far she can go, but is quick to back pedal, apologize and respect, great word respect, better if it is earned and appreciated.

Here’s to heroes, old and new.  I have had a few in my life, the little ones give hugs.

Here is what kids do at dances.  they move so fast I can’t get a clear shot.  That is Sydney and her friends dancing to some kiddie song, Hannah Montana maybe.




2 responses

7 05 2010
Cousin Moreen

That was very sweet!

14 05 2010
Tony De Mull

Hi Matt, The one doughter & daddy dance that I went to with the girls was one on the high lights of my life.

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