Man I don’t care 2

3 06 2010

Al and Tipper are breaking up.  Halle and Rhinna look great in Bikini’s.   Paul sings for Michelle.  Mariah is supposedly pregnant.  Griffey to retire at 40.  The Olympics caused the Greek financial crisis?  Man I don’t care!

I haven’t posted in quite a while.  I haven’t had much to say so I don’t just blab about nothing, unless that nothing is intriguing.  Why can’t our news media follow suit.

Seems these days news media is all wrapped up in doom, gloom and celebrity dirt.  I can’t even find a decent sports page anymore.  Tiger, Fergie, Al…who really gives a hoot(I wanted to say a flying…fill in the blank)?  Tell me about “NEWS” that affects our world.  Tell me about local economies.  Tell me about jobs.  Hey how about this?  Write an article the has a positive spin on it instead of all the negatives.  Some media folks hearts just skipped a beat. 

I can picture this, some young reporter(if they still use that term) head full of ideals but tired of the bad news is taking my words to heart.  She could go to a mentor or older journalist(if they still use this term) and ask about the good old days.  Days when good stories ran too.  Days when we had “local” news daily and every town had its own newspaper or radio station.  The old codger(I am picturing Morgan Freeman here with a mix of the Shawshank Morgan and the Alex Cross Morgan) could kick back, feet up and start to paint a picture of our world when it was kinder and gentler, when kids played in the yard and knew what manners and morals were, when parents parented and news was good.

I have some topics for them.  How about a story on local businesses that are making a difference, there are many and they built our great country and will probably be the ones saving it, don’t count on Wal-Mart for that folks.  How about a story about our children, or a school or teacher that is doing great things to educate our future.  How about guest reports from some of our children, the world through their eyes?  How about updates on the jobs forecast and any new opportunities or advice to get ahead in life?  How about articles on our local history, or buildings, church’s, parks?  Maybe Willard Scott could send in a story about people turning 100 or marriages celebrating big anniversary’s.  Maybe pictures of babies, or puppies frolicking in the field.  You get the idea, there are a lot of them.

I haven’t run out of ideas or wonderings of my own.  I actually have quite a few thoughts to expound on.  Time has been absorbed doing other things lately but I will find time to continue writing this, I find it therapeutic and enjoy some of the comments, definitely some of the memories I share.  Look for guest author Sydney in the coming weeks, she has been teasing me about a story she wrote for school that she wants to post here, should be good, she has her fathers wandering mind and imagination, you can’t teach that stuff.




2 responses

3 06 2010
Cousin Moreen

HERE ! HERE!! I completely agree. There is a lot of good in the world to write about and spread around. All this negative just makes us generally more negative. A sad commentary on our mentality really. So cousin…you have a good hand….a great mind….go for it. Write the good and send it out to the papers….magazines, etc…no need to be a budding journalist….just an interesting Matt. It’s called freelancing and yes, they still use that term. Just as you are my dear cousin.

3 06 2010
Tony De Mull

Hi Matt,
Dale and I where just saying that we hand not seen a post in a while. you are so right on the money.I hope all is well

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