Bowling at basketball camp

23 06 2010

“Daddy!, Come here please” came an excited little voice from the living room.  Curiosity got the best of me(not to mention killed the cat, good kitty) and I scampered into the other room, ok I wandered, better? thought so.

It wasn’t even summer vacation yet, but the planning had already started.  The little voice belonged to Sydney, I knew that just adding it in for clarity incase you thought Kitten was speaking in a child’s voice.  She grabbed my hand and pointed in a very excited fashion to a somewhat organized pile of papers spread across the coffee table.  Point, point, point….look up at Daddy…point, point, point (kind of like a cartoon character in your mind you hear the “doink” sound with each point of the finger).  I play along and give in,”what is it child”?  A one word reply is what follows, “Camp”!

As if this one word was all the description I needed, camp.  She folded her arms and shot me a confident grin.  Camp.  Ok.  You have to realize Sydney is the veteran of one camp, yup one.   Now she has a stack of papers with camps, and she wants to do them all.  Mayday!  Mayday!  Summer vacation overload and it hasn’t even begun.

Sydney, in her 10 going on responsible adult mode, again calmly grabs my hand and sets me on the couch.  Who is the parent here?!  She begins to show me the pamphlets.  One by one.  Oh boy, lots of information.  It’s good information, but a lot.  She has camp stuff from Hemlock Schools, Valley Lutheran (, Roethke Park, Thomas Township, Good Shepherd ( and more.  Sports camps, art camps, science camps, Bible camps…AAHHHHHHH!   She explains which she would like to attend, almost all of them and the planning begins or should I say negotiations begin.

In the end, she gets me to agree to send her to 4 camps this summer.  Or did I get her to….it doesn’t really matter does it.  I was proud of her as I let her choose and we figure out any scheduling conflicts.  She settled on basketball camp at Hemlock High School, art camp at Valley Lutheran, Mad Science Camp (and your little dog too) at Thomas Township and Vacation Bible School at Good Shepherd.  In between she says she will go swimming, sailing, reading and play with the puppies.  By September she may need to go back to school for some rest.

Basketball Camp check out the pink Chuck Taylors

“So, how was your first day of basketball camp”? I asked as I picked up Sydney.  “Great!  We were bowling”.  What!?   Seems its a drill.  Knock some pins over and you have to shoot the basketball or something like that.  I was struggling interpreting excited little girl talk at the moment and upon clarification later still didn’t quite get it, but it was fun.  Allrighty then.




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