Only the good die young…

11 07 2010

Of course we know this not to be true as my grandma and grandpa’s live to a  ripe old age.   But surely we don’t celebrate the life of a young deceased like we do an elder do we?  Not sure where to go with this but my head is swimming.  I lost a good friend today and the world is worst off for it.

Dan, was a very successful business man.  Climbing the corporate ladders and conquering issues.  He was the man and took his family to heart and company to success.  He covered  half the world for his company and introduced his wife and daughters to some very cool cultures and friends.  He had come home.  Back to Mid Michigan.

Tawas, MI 1976ish.  I am with my brother and we have a 40 foot chris craft in a sailors club.  A band of brothers come upon us named Dan, Rich, Rob, Truman and Whisper.  We need some kids for ballast or grunt work lets go was the call or something like that. This was the start of a lifelong brotherhood with Dan and the others.

I was a kid, green with sailing experience but eager.  The boys took us under their wings and taught us all about sailing and racing.  Things we took on to later endeavors in life and led to our successes.  My brother is actually a quite an accomplished sailor and I have won a few races in my day.

My friend Dan won many races and taught me much.  But it was not about the wins that we can celebrate but the whats.  You see Dan Ryon was more than a sailor, much more.  He was a great husband, father, son, brother, friend, etc…  Dan used to call me “Mattchew”, kind of his funny way, we at one time I believe were the best bowman in sailing especially in duo as we knew exactly what the other was doing.  But Dan was so much more than just a sailor.

I was lucky and found Dan, Rob, Richie, Whisper and Truman early in youth, some of you will say it wasnt so lucky.  These gusy along with Dan Light took Chris and I under their wings and taught two power boat kids how to sail.  We grew and have done well winning many events, regattas and  National Championships.

But there is more.  Dan Taught me more than sailing.  Our heroes don’t always have capes.  Yes he and the rest of the gang who I love as brothers taught me sailing, but also life.

Dan taught life.  How to be a good guy.  how to treat people  right.  Lets have fun but remember we have to be accountable.  He taught by example instead of by word.  He led rather than being a follower.  Dan showed how to be a MAN with respect and dignity.   I became a man much to the advice of my friends including Dan Ryon.

I have cried tonight, prayed tonight and reminisced tonight about a great man, a great husband, great father, great son, great friend, great person.  I love you Dan!  The world needs more Dan Ryon’s…




2 responses

16 07 2010

How did he die? He doesn’t look that old in the pic. It sounds like he did much good in the world and didn’t waste time on wasting time. That’s really a good thing his friends and family can be proud of.

16 07 2010

Maybe you should add his obit?

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