Have you ever heard the Angels sing?

9 08 2010

This is the question I posed to Kitten as we were cuddling on an old wicker love seat in the dark basement at Mom’s looking out the window at the lake.  It was the night before our wedding and we were stealing away for some alone time before we said good night to our families who had joined us for a little barbeque.  I thought she should know how important and loved she was, more for my sake than hers.  I had meant to write her a lovely letter but ran out of time so I manned up, choked back a few, steadied my voice and started “Have you ever heard the Angels sing?”

The look that I could make out in the moonlight was classic, it said something like I think you have lost it boy.  So I explained.  You know what I mean right?  the awe-inspiring full host of angels as the heavens open singing right?  Like the picture to the left.  Not really a song but a note, kind of a “AAAAHHHHHHHH” that proceeds a great event or moment in time.  I have heard them sing twice in my life.  I bet most of you have as well.

Before you go and get the white coat and a one way ticket to the looney bin, stay with me.  The first time it initially sounded like the cry of a newborn and the second was a warm greeting shared by lifelong friends who had not seen each other in years.  In the moment it would seem so ordinary, normal and not a second thought about it.  In reflection, when I find the time to relive tender moments and great memories in my life I hear the angels clear as day.  God’s way of announcing a great event in my life?  I think so.

The first event when God sent his choir of angels was the birth of my daughter Sydney, the cry of a newborn.  The second event, well she became my wife.  As Paul Harvey is fond of saying, now you know the rest of the story.

So we shared our moment in the dark basement that night, she didn’t think I was crazy anymore and understood I think what I was trying to say.  Heres hoping you hear the angels.




5 responses

9 08 2010
Cousin Moreen

Wow my cousin. I thought I was the only crazy in the family!

I have heard the angels,….God’s gentle and very real voice in my ear,….and felt the rush of knowing when a miracle has occured.

What a tender and special moment to share with us. Of course again, tears. But you know how to bring those on most expertly.

Your lovely bride is one very lucky lady. 🙂

Cousin #1

9 08 2010

I have heard angels! I also have been in two places that were so beautiful that I felt so close to God that I thought I might be seeing a glimps of heaven.

That was sweet of you to lay in all out there for Jenny. Have a happy marraige.

9 02 2013
Patrons of the Pit

That was beautiful man. Bless ya!

9 02 2013

Thanks man, I have been blessed for sure. Use to find more time to write, lately I have enjoyed reading blogs like yours and some dark humor as well

6 08 2015
Joseph L

I’ve heard the Angels sing last night. Thousands of them, coming out of the water, and the sky.It was beautiful music.
Wish I could remember it…

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