A Tail of Two Kitties

27 08 2010

As promised this is a post by my daughter Sydney.  It is her review, in her words, of a new children’s book titled A Tail of Two Kitties.  Sydney is an avid reader and really anticipated the delivery of this book.  I was lucky enough to make a call and get her copy signed by the author which she thought was really cool, so she wanted to get her cousin one too.  A few weeks later our star struck reader got to meet the author, I know what your thinking…and yes sometimes in the eyes of a 10-year-old I wear a cape.

A Tail of Two Kitties.  I enjoyed A Tail of Two Kitties.  Alley Cat is a puffed up beauty while Tom Cat is nice but doesn’t like Alley much.  Alley just has to be perfect.  Tom didn’t really care, Alley never gave Tom much of a chance, Tom doesn’t know what to say.

One day Alley said “Just what we need, another stray”.  Tom didn’t like that.  So Tom snarled at that kitty Alley “it must be soooo terrific to be so perfect, too bad you’re not as nice as you are pretty”.  God listened to all of this arguing, He knew just what to do and He tied up their tails in a knot that was impossible to get out.  Alley cried and demanded her tail be free, Tom yelled that he didn’t do this.  The hustle and bustle back and forth made them very tired.  Slowly a friendship started.  They looked at the knot trying to figure a way to untie it.  One day they prayed to God and with that the knot was parted. 

I learned that fighting is never the answer and if you do something terrible, something terrible might happen to you.  We should treat people better even if they are different from us and we should pray to God for help.

If you enjoy what I told you, you can get a copy of A Tail of Two Kitties at www.curtharding.com.  Thank you for reading my daddies blog.

-Sydney L. Princing

The author, Curt Harding,  is a local boy, having grown up in Saginaw and now resides with his wife and daughters in Nashville, TN.  Curt is a talented writer and publicist with some high profile talent you would recognize.  Curt is also a caring and spiritual man who is not afraid to post his thoughts and feelings about life, love and God on his blog for the world to see and read.  You can learn more about Curt and the book at www.curtharding.com.

I enjoyed the book as well but more importantly I liked what it taught the children who will read it.  Sydney was entertained, yes, but also drew her own conclusions, I don’t write or embellish Sydney’s postings here.  This book has some great life lessons that children can  use including:  Listening to others. Telling the truth. Being patient.  Saying your sorry.  Putting others first.  Looking to God for guidance.  And More.

I hope you and your children get the opportunity to enjoy this great book.




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27 08 2010

WOW! What a way to start my day! This makes me extremely happy. Thank you Sydney. It’s always nice to hear positive things from people, but it’s extra special when it comes from kids. Thank you. You’ve inspired me to write another children’s book, something I’ve been putting off. Do great in school and remember no matter how you see others treating people, you’re way better than that. 🙂


27 08 2010
Cousin Moreen

This is a terrific post. I will definately be getting this book both for my Granddaughter and for gifts.

Thanks to Sydney for your wonderful review!!

Cousin, Moreen

27 08 2010
Stacey Wistehuff

My daughter loved the book too. She said she especialy loved the illustrations. She liked the story and thought we should give one to the younger classes at her school. I explained that I can’t buy that many books (but her thought was sweet) so we are donating one to her school. This story explains important issues so children can understand. Regan and I have been talking about the grown up meanings behind the story. She knows more than I thought. My family really loves this book. My mom loves to give books. I will send her the sight she may donate one to the Hemlock library. Good work we look forward to more in the future.

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