I miss Martha

28 09 2010

I miss Martha.  I don’t see her every morning anymore.  She moved.   To the Hallmark channel. 

Yes I mean Martha Stewart.  Keep your shoes on I know all the comments about her.  Honestly I didn’t like her either until about a year ago.  I respected parts of what she has done with her empire but lost respect when she was convicted on four felonies.  I gained a little bit back when she served her prison sentence without much public grumbling and then went back to work rebuilding her trust and confindence from her viewers and readers alike. 

You ask me how I came about this new “liking” of Martha.  You ask where did I see her every morning.  Well at work.  In the back room there is no radio and I spend a lot of time back there creating works of art for corporations, teams and everyday people.  I needed some noise to keep me company.  There is an old TV, but no cable.  The boss did however get the digital conversion box (these don’t work so well which explains Martha).  With this box I was able to get 1 sometimes 2 stations and PBS.  The signal on all but one were hit or miss which makes it hard to follow.  PBS wad ok but how many shows about water color painting by the white guy with big afro can one man watch.  CBS was the station that came in best so it stayed on all day.  The news, Martha, that show with Drew Carey, the news and then soaps and Dr. Phil.  But hey, it was noise. 

Martha with Russell Crowe

So the TV is  mounted about the bench I work on.  So I can work while listening and occasionally glancing at the TV.  At first I was disapointed that Martha was on.  Then the list of people she had on the show and the subjects started to get interesting.  It is a talk show but not your typical talk show.  Martha doesn’t sit there and blow sunshine up celebrities back sides like most talk shows.  Yes they can promote thier book, or movie or charity but she makes them do someting.  Maybe its cook or perhaps a craft for the season or even gardening.  Stuff that we can learn from while still getting a bit of the celelbrity promo crap.  Her cooking segments make me hungry and want to learn some of the tips, especially when chefs like Emeril or Mario are on sharing secrets.  I also have a big desire to see Yellowstone now after one  of her shows and other parks in our country, now to find the time. 

Sadly Martha moved.  We don’t get the Hallmark channel on our little box that doesn’t work, thank you federal government for making TV go digital.  Martha has been replaced on CBS by some little dude who has a traditional blow sunshine up the backsides type show, he has no clout and his first celebrity was Dolly Parton, that was it, not a big fan and I learned nothing. 

I no longer watch TV in the mornings.  I have found a small pair of speakers on a shelf that I plug into my phone.  Now i listen to Pandora radio (www.pandora.com) at work.  Great stuff and I pick the station that suits my mood.  I do  miss Martha.




One response

28 09 2010
Laura Clark


Would you like me to DVR it for you? I enjoyed her too. Had some of the same feelings about her as you did. For the record, I do like Nate Berkus. But then again, I am into decor, etc.

Loved your thoughts on this one.

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