Embracing fall…sort of

13 10 2010

I struggle every autumn letting go.  Letting go of my seasonal friend summer, that glorious season where God’s sunshine warms our skin and our souls.  Days are long, people are in much better moods, I would guess due to the increase in vitamin D from the sunshine and the carefree banter of  youngun’s running free from the confines of school.  There is swimming and sailing, fishing and sand castles, shorts and flippy floppies and of course girls in bikini’s, what is not to love?

Fall, autumn, is.  It’s here if you blinked.  Came in like a lion.  We have had some nice days recently but come on, I have socks on.  I wore pants the other day and I find myself reaching for a stocking cap and gloves when I pack for the boat now.  Don’t get me wrong, sailing is still good, water is warm and winds pick up a bit and I will sail until the water is hard but I would rather be sailing in my shorts sipping a cold Heine than bundled up in three layers with fleece hat and gloves hoping they have hot buttered rum being served when we hit the docks.

There are two sides to most seasons and fall is no different.  I mean summers evil twin could be sunburn.  Fall is a great season.  Cool nights mean great sleeping conditions and snuggling on the couch with loved ones.  Fishing usually picks up and hunting season is off and running.  We get to enjoy God’s canvass as the colors change from our bright greens to beautiful yellows, oranges and reds.  Activity also picks up in most family  homes.  The kids are back in school and we get to watch football 3 nights a week if we are lucky.  But there is more at the Princing house, much more.

Fall is our squirrel season if you will.  No Jenny doesn’t fill her cheeks with nuts and climb trees, although I would pay to see that.  She also doesn’t run the roof line of the garage teasing the dogs, again I …well never mind.  We do spend many days and evenings squirreling away though, you know for winter.  Our home comes alive with sights, sounds and smells, oh those lovely smells.

Take today for instance.  Picture the home warming up with a glow coming from the kitchen.  The aroma that lingers in the air,  fresh baked bread.  Yes today Leroy is in the kitchen baking fresh bread.  We do this much more in the cooler months and it seems to taste better than as well, especially when it is still warm and the butter melts into the crevasses of the bread.  Today is a special treat for Jenny, she likes marbled rye, today I am baking her some, I have never baked it before but it smells delicious.

Other days the warmth is there too, but maybe the smell is different.  Early fall brings salsa nights where can a season’s worth of homemade salsa, many of you have enjoyed it, we also served it at our wedding this past summer.  Some nights it’s the dill in the air as we can jars of garlic dill pickles and pickled garlic.  We try to use all of the bounty our garden brings.  The other morning  I baked fresh blueberry/strawberry muffin tops with berries we picked this summer and froze, they were awesome.

Some of the best fun is souper nights.  No not a new super hero but the nights we concoct large batches of soups to be frozen for the winter months.  We make all our soups with love and care and input from generations of mom’s, grandma’s, dad’s and granddad’s.  We tweak old recipes and find new ones too.  Chili is always the first, so we can use the peppers, onions and other goodness from the garden.  This is award winning chili, so I can’t divulge any of the secrets.  French Onion soup ala Leroy’s Grill is another favorite, you talk about a house that smells delicious, oh man.  Tortilla soup is the other we make in big batches to enjoy when we don’t have time or feel like cooking.  It is a recipe I copy catted off of Max & Erma’s, its spot on and a great warmer upper on a cold day.

Ah fall.  Lovely.  We are always looking for new fall soups.  Pass some on so we can try them.  I believe chicken and rice is on the agenda this year.  Hmm, the bread smells like it’s almost done.




One response

16 10 2010

Sounds great! What a wonderful Christmas gift to us older folks. Think ahead!

I would like to order 2 (two) cutting boards for Christmas gifts. Not the huge one like mine, not the small one either. One inbetween. Let’s talk about it.
Great Article. I love reading them.

Thanksgiving at our house. We’ll talk later.

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