I think they are clapping because it’s over

24 01 2011

Grace A. Dow Memorial Library Auditorium

Those were the words whispered into my ear by my wife after another long bass solo. It certainly wasn’t like the Freddie “boom boom” Washington (Welcome Back Kotter) rifts from my youth.

You see we were at a jazz concert. So, a bass solo was in order, but this one seemed long and drawn out and for me did nothing for the piece. That being said it was a great concert. We were in Midland, MI at the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library for the show featuring the Paul Vanston Trio and Mike Brush and Brush Street. Both of the these groups would be considered fixtures in the Mid Michigan jazz scene.
We are big fans of Paul’s but had not heard Brush Street until now. Paul’s set was great and he included a medley of Phantom of the Opera songs, a big favorite of mine. Brush Street really showed some versatility and played a bunch of originals and a classic Billy Joel tune (New York State of Mind) to the delight of the audience.

Adding to our enjoyment this evening was this great venue that I didn’t even know existed. Tucked inside this gorgeous library sits this auditorium. Not huge but certainly not small. Seating 266 it is big enough for a crowd but quaint enough to feel homey. This library came to life by a generous endowment from Grace A. Dow, the wife of Herbert Dow who founded Dow Chemical. Grace was said to have loved life, learning and her community. The design for the library was done by Alden Dow, who studied the works of Frank Lloyd Wright. In 2005 the library celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the building.




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