Dashing through the snow

31 01 2011

Santa Puppy Sam

We woke saturday morning to a beautiful blanket of fresh snow. 5-6 inches of the whitest, fluffiest snow we have seen all winter. The dogs were out early playing in the stuff. Sam likes to hide a stick in the snow and then try to find it and Lucy likes to chase around kicking up snow like a frozen version of a Tasmanian devil.

This was not the dog’s day however. It was a day of play for the children (wink, wink). Sydney had a play date with her cousin for this day. We had made plans to have some outdoor fun. So we loaded up the global warmer with Jenny, Sydney, Jenna and Aunt Jenner, some warm clothes, hot chocolate, snacks and of course sleds (which we didn’t even use). Off to the forest we go.

Midland City Forest(http://www.midlandcvb.org/sledding–tobaggoning–82/) is our destination. If you have not been there you should pack up your children or take a date and have some fun in the outdoors. We tobogganed down their elevated runs (Sydney, Jenna & I were champs), ice skated on their rink, had snacks and hot coco in their A frame chalet complete with fireplace and facilities. It was very fun. toboggans rent by the hour as do the skates. You can also take advantage of miles of cross-country and hiking trails and rent the skis and snowshoes there as well. The prices are very reasonable, I want to say the 5 of us spent a whopping $18. The sledding hill is free if you have your own sled, they rent those too if you don’t. Here is the link if you want to check it out http://www.midlandcvb.org/sledding–tobaggoning–82/    We certainly plan to visit Midland again, maybe Wednesday when the big storm hits.

More information on City Forest can be found at http://eatliveplaymidmi.wordpress.com/




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