3 02 2011

I don’t even know if that is the correct spelling for the pieces of clothing that haunt me.  Yes I have a love/hate relationship with my socks.  I would imagine some of you as well.

My toes and feet don’t want to be kept.  Period.  However that said when it’s very cold they prefer to be wrapped.  Jekyll and Hyde on my feet, crazy I know.

I don’t like socks, I guess you figured that out.  I like to free wheel with no cloth on my feet, au natural I guess, naked toes.  Feels great and the sun and fun add to it.  Of course fall and winter ruin this for us northerners and snow and ice make being barefoot miserable.

Winter basically sucks for us barefooters.  On the bright side I guess are good thick socks that are comfy and cushy.  If I have to wear them then they ought to be thick, comfy and cushy.  Brands like Wigwam and Columbia come to mind.

Professionally and when I dress to please God and country I wear socks as well.  These are no less painful.  I struggle with colors so blues and blacks are difficult.  My choice…argyle…you bet, the different colors in the design make it easy to match up on laundry day and they are sharp.  Cozy toes in dapper argyle patterns that might even match the sweater you choose, nice.

If I can’t wear my flippy floppies chasing dolphins and sh@t, then I guess good socks are the next best bet.  Choose comfort over style but don’t go crazy and order the Flav O Flav version of your favorite foot snuggly.




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11 12 2013

this is hilarious

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