My name is Leroy

25 02 2011

My name is Leroy, I know not as poetic as Herman Melville’s  “Call me Ishmael” in the classic novel Mobey Dick but nautical none the less.  My name is Leroy and I’m a sailing addict.  More directly a sailboat racing addict.

2011 J22 Midwinters

It began innocently enough.  Curiosity got the best of me and next thing I know I’m a wide-eyed 8 or 9-year-old boy scooting across the water of Tawas Bay on a Sunfish.  Soon competition and adrenaline came to visit and entered through the open mind of a young child.  My sunfish had to go faster than your sunfish which led to sailing on larger boats which led to convincing Mom and Dad that they should sell the big powerboat and buy a smaller sailboat, perfect sense to a high on sailing teenager. 

Fast forward to today.  30+ years later still sailing.  I have the experience of winning in my blood now and quite regularly too so I’ve come to need it, desire it.  My dreams are filled with sailing and I find myself stumbling through the house late at night, in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning to get a fix.

My relief comes electronically this time of year.  Through benign blips and pings that indicate an update has arrived, oh joy!  I scour my laptop screen for the rush that is about to come over me a live feed from a regatta like the J22 Midwinters ( that is going on right now and instantly I’m there.  Thanks Twitter, thanks live feeds, thanks technology for the continued dependencies of my vice.

I’m in Saginaw, MI where it is a balmy 30 degrees today but in my mind I’m there.  I’m on Tampa Bay on a J22 racing against 24 of the best sailors in North America man.  I can dream it so real you can almost smell and taste the salt in the spray and feel the surge of the boat down a wave.  Freaky I know.  I am so wrapped up in this that progress has come to halt on what ever task was at hand and my addiction gets worse.  I share.

Lightnings sailing in St. Pete

The addict now becomes the supplier.  I am now a sailboat racing pusher.  I don’t hang out on street corners with an overcoat stuff with updates, I hide where you can’t see me behind a LCD monitor and infiltrate your world through electronic mules.  I tweet you or update a post on Facebook.  I send you links to your email address for sites with updates like or who are some of my suppliers.  I get the product on the streets for all you junkies to absorb and so it begins.

Now you are up at odd hours.  Your checking email or surfing sailing sites looking for sailing porn.  Your on and  Your checking Facebook and Twitter to see if an update, any update came in and your secretly rooting for you team (like football on boats) to pull out the win.  Your nervous and anxious and can’t wait for the water to be soft again.  Is it spring fever or do you have the fever for the flavor of some sailing?  Progress has come to a halt.

PING!  Sweet mother of mercy an update….




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