Naked in the eyes of God

21 03 2011

Tempted by the fruit of another – Squeeze

Last weeks lesson wandered through the Garden of Eden and the old testament as well as the new testament and dove head first into temptation.  Its origins as well as its effects on and in our lives.  Ironically Jesus was also tempted, by the devil.

Temptations origins are in the Garden of Eden.  Adam and Eve if you will recall were created in God’s image and had free reign of the Garden, which according to the scriptures was like a heaven on earth.  The serpent convinced Eve that she should eat the fruit of a certain tree even though Adam and Eve were instructed by God not to eat of it.  This marks the beginning of temptation and sin into the world as Eve fell for the serpents lies and convinced Adam to eat of the fruit as well.  Suddenly they are ashamed, vulnerable, naked in the eyes of God and attempt to cover themselves up and hide from God.  You can’t hide from God.

We are all tempted in our lives.  I for one would have been weak if I were in Adam’s place as well.  Think about it.  We were created in God’s image, at that time that meant perfect.  In my shallow mind then Eve would have been a radiant gal about five feet six inches tall, a slender beauty with long flowing blond hair and green eyes.  I picture her wandering the Garden as if floating on a cloud and the sun would gleam off her teeth like she was in an Orbit Chewing Gum commercial.  Did I mention she was naked.  So my Eve comes up to me in the Garden, I’m eating the fruit, or whatever she has in her basket because I would no doubt be intoxicated by her beauty.  Tempted by the fruit of another.

Temptation rears its wicked head all around us mere mortals.  Think about your life, what is your temptation?  Is it that extra cup of coffee or a third donut?  Is it drugs or booze?  Maybe its a cigarette behind school even though you know Daddy knows, he knows everything(no Sydney didn’t but fear is powerful).  Is it the pretty co worker who has been flirting with you over the water cooler or the peanut butter that talks to you in the middle of the night.   Maybe its the temptation to buy a video game even though it’s not in the budget (if you decide to veer off the budget Kitten says a call to Dave Ramsey is needed).   Temptation comes in many forms, none of which are easy to resist but we should, do the right thing always.

Jesus was tempted by Satan.  After his baptism he was led into the wilderness and constantly tempted and constantly turns Satan away.   By the sweat of His brow we eat the fruit of His Cross, even as our nakedness is covered by His righteousness.

We all learn to live with temptation and teach our children right from wrong.  People are inherently good, sometimes led down the wrong path(right Eve?) and make mistakes.  We learn from these and move on.

It is not clear what the fruit of temptation was.  Many assume it is an apple, but likely something else. 

I have attached the song by Squeeze if you care to listen to it.  It’s a catchy little tune that any of us could have written just by jotting down our daily habits like brushing our teeth and putting on our socks.




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22 03 2011

Awesome MATT! Your writing is getting stronger all the time. I’m tempted to share this 🙂

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