The blanket

18 04 2011

The birth of Harper (my friends first-born little girl) brought back a flood of memories.  I reminisce about that day and the ones following and in a blink she was 11, Sydney that is.  So quickly it seemed, so I sat and thought about the days and years, about what is the same and what has changed in my girl’s life.  I thought about gifts through the years too.

the blanket

Gifts are part of our lives, both giving and receiving.  Some of the best gifts we receive are from God in the forms of our spouses and children.  The birth of a child is a time in life where gifts are appropriate and memorable.  This is where the blanket came into our lives.

When Sydney was born gifts for her seemed to come by the truckload.  Many loving family and friends sent an array of baby toys and clothes.  Diapers and dinners and books to entertain.  One day a package arrived, it was from my dear friend Hot Dog Man and inside was the blanket.  At the time I did not understand what a small little baby would do with such a large blanket.
Here I am 11 years later pushing the rewind button of my life with Sydney and it is perfectly clear.  The blanket is security.  It is what keeps up safe and warm.  The blanket soothes and comforts us, what a great way to grow up.  The blanket kept Sydney and I warm when we snuggled when she fit on my forearm and I would carry her around like a football.  The blanket was there to snuggle with when she was sick or sleepy or just snuggly.  Now she doesn’t fit in my forearm anymore, she takes up a considerable portion of the couch but she still likes to snuggle into my arms, a great part of waking up and the blanket still keeps us warm.  The baby blankets, books and toys are a memory, the blanket goes on.  This wonderful gift will more than likely see grandchildren in its life and always be a grand reminder of a wonderful little girl and the thoughtfulness of a great friend.  I hope Harper finds her blanket as wonderful as Sydney’s.

The blanket is obviously a metaphor.  As a father and a husband I try to find ways to comfort my daughter and my wife.  A place where they feel completely safe and comforted.  Sometimes its just a matter of wrapping thunder and lightning (the guns I’m packing under my sleeves…my arms for you slower people) arm them and holding them close.  Many times, especially when the weather turns cold (April in Michigan, it’s snowing again) it involves the blanket and at times a 80 lb lap dog named Sam.  Selfishly I try to create that place where they will always want to come back to when they are babies, 11 or 30ish.

With the subject of gifts, I thought I would share this video.




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