23 05 2011

Jenny turned 40 on Friday.  Gasp!  Oh no!  Cougar?!  Just a few random thoughts flying around this weekend.  

We had some fun at her expense and she at mine.  I was reminded that “Cougars”(hot older woman) prefer younger men, ouch.  My comeback was “go ahead” to which Sydney asked “really?” to which I scrambled a quick “no, just kidding” as she (Sydney) gave me that look, you know the one.

Why do we all get wrapped up about turning 40?  Jenny certainly doesn’t look 40, or what I perceive 40 to look like.  It’s just a number.  Throughout our lives we look forward to certain numbers say 1 for our first birthday, 16 to drive, 18 legally we are adults, 21 allow us our first (stop laughing) beer or cocktail and then we skip a bunch of years until we hit 40, big difference is we don’t as a rule look forward to 40.  It is not marked on our calendar of life as a joyous day, it is more of a milestone that signifies maturity, old age, long in the tooth, dirt slippers, all down hill from here, loss of senses and the joy of senility.  

When you really look at it, it’s just a number.  Ask Jenny if she feels 40, she will say no.  I know she doesn’t feel 40…let that one sink for a minute…wait for it…I certainly don’t feel my age, or act it according to some.  In my mind I am still a young stud and bullet proof, my body tends to reject these notions on occasion and put me back in my place.  I am shocked at the man in the mirror, it doesn’t reflect what I see in my mind, that guy in the mirror has grey in his hair and whiskers and creases around his eyes, yes he is handsome (just a reminder it’s my blog so I am allowed to embellish as I see fit) but a bit weathered. 

40 won’t slow Kitten down.  She is more active than ever.  I give her a lot of credit for all she accomplishes in a given day.  She makes the youngun’s look pathetic. 
Friday night we chose to go to TBYC(www.tbyc.net) for birthday dinner.  A tradition started a few years ago at a great restaurant in central Florida that I felt should continue.  Our new Chef prepared Jenny’s meal to perfection.  As we walked out to our car to head home we looked over the bay to see God’s gift to Jenny, a perfect Tawas Bay sunset, how fitting.



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