Milestones, chokes and whispers

9 06 2011

I knew this one was special the first time I held her.  Stardate March 23, 2000 in a world far far away (Saginaw, MI) and we were going were this man had never gone before.

Breathless.  Emotional.  Excited.  Proud.  Concerned.  Worried.  Panicky.  Proud.  I had the same feelings today as I did over 11 years ago and do every spring at this time.  First panic, then I can’t breathe, then I want to cry but I get to excited and beam with pride before I am overwhelmed by worry and concern which leads me back to panic, could be the Julie Andrews song (do, a deer, a female deer, …..yeah you know it).

My Girl

Ok so if you are thinking I am discussing old yeller, no, My Girl.  My sunshine on a cloudy day, jr. (Jenny is Sr.).  Sydney Lauren used to fit on my forearm, seems like yesterday now I would have to throw her over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes to carry her.  Legs, like daddy and smart like…well me too(it’s my blog).

Today was Sydney’s last day of  5th grade, she is now officially a 6th grader and in Middle School.  I picked her up from her last day which is a tradition I am pretty proud of.  We hug and get pictures of the teachers for future flash backs.  She/we thank the teachers and say something prophetic and move on.  This year was different.
Ling Elementary has been her home for three years, but it seems like the blink of an eye.  This year Sydney really excelled in school and I give credit to her teachers, great teachers there because they really care about the kids, not tenure or a pay check, although they deserve the check.  She was challenged in school and at home to succeed and always try her best.  Ms. Louise, bless her, has been our guardian for 3 years, she took care of us, me included and loved Sydney with a watchful eye.  I had to stop and choking up give her a hug today and whisper a thank you  for taking such good care of us.
Milestones in Sydney’s life make me emotional.  Not sure why but she pulls feelings out of me by thought, accomplishment or idea.  I live through her and with her and try to guide this incredibly smart and gifted young woman who God has blessed us with. 
Sydney and I discussed school performance on our way home today.  I told her I had put a lot of  thought into her school year and asked her if she thought she performed as expected, above or below.  Her response was below.  She mentioned a A- she received.  I quickly corrected her.  I explained that I knew she was smart especially when she applied herself and took an interest in the subject (her term not mine “math is easy”).  I told her she over achieved, and I meant it and struggled as I was filled with pride to explain how proud I was of My Girl.  Her next question was “if I keep this up do you think I will get a scholarship”?  Daddy Pride.
Sydney had her best year at school this year.  She had one B, the rest were A’s. She is awesome.
My point you wonder?  I love my daughter and am inspired by her, she is a great person we can all learn from.  She is smart, beautiful, courteous, polite, thoughtful and more.  Most of this comes from within but I do take some credit just for being there for her.  For you dad’s that don’t think it’s important to be a parent I beg to differ and urge you to read a couple of books.  One written by Dr. Meg Meeker called

Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Father Should Know (

If you have a daughter this will scare the sh!t out of you and help you understand what is going on.  The other is

The Power of Dad by Brian Pruitt (  Brian is a great speaker and it comes from the heart and experience.

My Girl.  My Love.  Our Future.  Congratulations Sydney!  I Love You and am very proud!

Yeah I knew this one was special.  I knew she was going to change the world.  She changed mine.   




2 responses

10 06 2011
Stacey Wistehuff

That was awesome. Jr high seems so scarry, good luck. Will really puts a lot into being a good parent but I am going to tell him about the books you reccomend. We both know how important a father is in a daughters life. Regan is going to the 4th – 8th grade campus next year and I am freaked beyond the norm. Thanks for the tear jerker.

10 06 2011

I have to agree, she is an incredible young lady. Remember how hard we worked to make her. So worth all the years of frustration and disappointment. You have become quite a daddy and I’m so happy for the relationship you have with our daugther. You have grown just as much as she has over the years. I am so proud of her and would like to take a little credit for the person that she is and will become. I’m excited to see where her life leads her. Will she be a Marine Biologist, an Actress, a Teacher, President of the Untied States? She has expressed an interest in all of those area’s. I just know she needs to do something big to get the 8 story house that she plans to fill with kids, family and pets. The possibilities are endless!

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