A fathers perspective

18 06 2011

With approach of Father’s Day around the corner I was going to dazzle you all with a thoughtful mind-blowing expose of what it means to me to be a father.  Instead I found myself reading something from a friend that nailed it on the head for me.  It is almost as if he was in my head, crazy.

Here is the link and a very inspired writing about what being a father means to Curt and many of us:


Curt Harding is the author.  Curt is a highly respected publicist, author and communications guru (www.curtharding.com) living with his wife and children in Tennessee.  Curt and his wife are originally from the Saginaw, MI area.  I find Curt’s blogs to be inspiring, humorous and spot on, he is not afraid to express thoughts and feelings or hide his ideals and beliefs.

To all you Dad’s out there and especially mine, Happy Father’s Day.  You make the world a better place for all of us children.




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