there won’t be too many more of these where we aren’t pall bearers…

24 08 2011

These were the alarming words sent to me by my cousin John.  He was attempting to convince me to attend a family reunion that conflicted with a long overdue weekend get away.

The words I read in that message seemed like propaganda at the moment.  As I looked back on the message and life as it was surrounding us I dove deeper.  I hated to admit it, but John was right.  The older we have become (aged gracefully by the way, Jenny hasn’t aged a day) the more we find ourselves in mourning for a lost loved one.  It seems I have attended more funerals this summer than in years past.

“We have to stop meeting like this” Peter said to me yesterday.  How right he is.  I have seen him and his family more than normal this summer and for all the wrong reasons.  Why do we lose track of what is important in our families and friends and get wrapped up in our internal lives?  Why are we so busy that we can’t find the time until it’s too late?  Has travel soccer, social clubs, micro managing of our families and social life got in the way?  I understand as we grow, our interests change and we naturally head in different directions, but maybe we should slow down, take a deep breath and gather our loved ones around us, like we did when we were kids.  Lets show our next generation what family means, a lot of their friends don’t have a clue, hell most of them don’t really know what a “parent” is except in name.

It’s not just about aging relatives, as John’s note suggested.  We have lost young and old this year.  We have lost loved ones to disease, old age and accidents.  You never know what tomorrow brings so I urge you make the time, show the love and stop meeting like that.  Take the time to let your kids and spouses, moms and dads, sisters and brothers, friends and family that they are special, they are loved and they are very important, tomorrow may never come.  God gave us faith, hope and love, spread it.

John’s note was the first of many notes I received in the weeks leading up to our family reunion.  Many of my ill-informed relatives thought it would be fun to prod me with various methods of inspirations.  I received sassy emails and challenging Facebook messages(you know who you are).  None of which were helpful, we had already changed our plans to attend.  We had a wonderful time and enjoyed catching up with family.  We have to keep meeting like this.




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24 08 2011
Stacey Wistehuff

I hope you don’t mind I reposted this on my FB page and it has been reposted again. You may be famous by the end of the day. I really think you missed your calling.

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