Does this make me a bad person?

17 11 2011

“I like going to parent teacher conferences”, is how I picture the start of my confession to the shrink in my not to distant future.  “Does this make me a bad person”? I question out loud to Dr. Mindbender (made up don’t go looking for him/her…her definately…in the yellow pages).

Dr. Mindbender digs deeper with every visit until she discovers my horrid secret.  I really do like the parent teachers conferences, but why she asks.  I like to feel good about myself is my dark secret that is uncovered.  YES, YES it’s true!  I like to hear other adults tell how great my daughter is!  How wonderful she is to be around.  How smart she is and how she asks the best questions and helps to clarify learning (so the other understand as well) in a very well-mannered and intelligent way.  I DO!

I imagine that Dr. Mindbender would at this point would scrape me off the ceiling and ask why I feel that is different or dark.  I would point out the majority of youths today who are raised by the system instead of the parents (novel idea) who don’t have respect for their peers and constantly act out or are spoiled brats.  I would give examples, or let the teachers give them, of how well behave Sydney is, and courteous, polite and well-mannered.  A gem if ever there was one with a very big heart and love of learning and life.  Kickin’ it old school.

Yes tonight was parent teacher conferences and yes I went and got my fill.  I struggled to get my big head (oh is she really that great, stop…keep telling…stop…more please)  back into the car for the ride home but managed.  I also deflated when I allow my delusion to end and give the girl the credit, she is wonderful because she chooses to be.  Her parents, all four of us are just her guides (God is her biggest leader) in life.  We can show her the way (right and wrong) but she has to choose the path.  So far she is spot on.  Thanks Kid, your Daddy is your biggest fan and I love you.




2 responses

17 11 2011
Dawn Gould

She truly is fantastic. All 4 of us are guiding her nicely, thank you to the two of you who love her so much when you didn’t have to. I am so very proud of her.

27 12 2011
Dale Lieffers

This is so true for grandparents also!

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