A good time for a rerun…hey hey hey

2 01 2012

What’s happening Rog?  A 70’s sitcom type of header, anyone?  Anyway…

As I have struggled lately with topics and inspiration I continue to look in different places.  I vaguely remembered jotting down a New Year’s wish that struck a chord.  So I thought I would re read it.  It spoke to me again, as it did when it jumped from my mind to my fingers to my keyboard.

This time of year is full of hope and appreciation.  I spend time to reflect on what was, what is and what will be.  I pray for my family and myself and I pray for you, all of you.  I want a better world for my daughter and wife and for the next generation.  I want parents to parent again and children to be respectful and kind.  I want peace in a world filled with hatred.

So enjoy last years post again, it is still relevant and timely.  Here’s to 2012 and hope.





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