We all just wanna be Weather Channel Stars

14 01 2012


(so how you gonna do it?)

I’m Gonna trade this life for fortune and fame, I’d even cut my hair and change my name (to Jim, or Alexandra), ’cause we all just wanna be Weather Channel Stars livin in hilltop houses dodging houses and cars, the girls are pretty and screens are sweet and Al Roker we all get to meet. We’ll hang out in the coolest bars, in the VIP with the movie stars even Playboy Bunnies with their bleach blonde hair,  hey hey I wanna be a Weather Channel Star. (note to mom, I stole some lyrics and changed them from a song called “I wanna be a rockstar”)

Weatherman…or weatherperson I guess since Alexandra, Heather and locally Janet and Catherine grace our screens are our local versions of rockstars.  We all get up in the morning and wonder what the weather is going to be like.  Or in the evening to plan the next day.  Might for work, or junior has a game or maybe you are going fishing or skiing, what ever it is weather affects our daily life, and so does the weather man or woman.

Why do we put our trust in these people?  Why when they are rarely right on or even close?  I picture the big morning weather meeting like this:  The group huddles in a dark room surrounded by glowing screens showing the latest gizmo’s in the weather world, Doppler(what ever that means) radar, computer models(no not the pretty woman kind), historical data, and the Farmers Almanac and yet they cower in the darkness away from all of this throwing chicken bones and finalizing the “forecast” with a killer game of paper, rocks and scissors.  This goes on for hours on end, especially if the bones tell them a storm is a brewing.  When the group can’t all assemble due to illness or vacation I believe they go back to old school meteorology and throw darts at a board with all the possible scenarios given the time of year (bulleye, gonna be a typhoon today so wear your goloshes).

I am fasinated by weather that is why I jest.  I study weather for my sailing experiences and like to know what to expect when I walk out the door each day.  I can not think of another profession (maybe some in the medical field or counseling) where you can be a “rockstar” and be compensated so well for being wrong so often.  What is the average track record? 50% spot on?  Maybe not that good, depends on how the bones are rolling that morning.

Case in point, winter snowfall predictions for 2011-12.  This whole topic came up last week (January 2012) when we were basking in the beautiful warm weather of late winter or early spring, in January.  Temps had been in the mid to upper 40’s for weeks.  The only snow we saw was in November, almost two months earlier.  The snowfall predictor showed that this winter was going to be a blustery old-fashioned winter filled with copious amounts of the white stuff.  Hmm, must have misread the bones again.

I should have been a meteorologist.  It was not nearly as sexy of a career when I was in college, no Weather Channel (for you youngun’s out there, Cable TV didn’t arrive with Christ’s birth, it is a fairly new technology you take for granted).  Can you imagine being wrong 50+% of the time and pulling down large figures from the boss man.  Most of us would be fired with a track record like that.  The average salary for a meteorologist today is $90,000 a year and if you are a Jim Cantore wanna be at the Weather Channel be prepared to make upwards of $120,000 a year.  Bingo we have a winner.

I guess I am not all that surprised that weather people aren’t all that accurate.  You have to remember Anchorman, the legend of Ron Burgandy.  Brick Tamland was the weatherman, need I say more?




2 responses

2 02 2013
taylor worth

Wanna be a weather star im studying meteorology at pennst on line weathercasting program.

5 02 2013

nice, I would consider if I was going to school today

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