In remembrance of Me

29 03 2012

Ugh…really?! I thought to myself.  “Why do the freakin parents have to go?  I’ve been through all of this” I say to my wife across the table as we sit in a seedy little….ok it wasn’t seedy, nice family grill enjoying dinner.  I would imagine she thought “what an ass” and “buck up, your her father dumbie”.

In hindsight she was correct.  Kitten’s advice normally is and this was no exception.  With out my participation I think it would have been like missing her first step or hearing her first word, which by the way was Daddy, not what you may have heard otherwise.  I know, I’m her father…uh Daddy.

Our topic of conversation was first communion.  Our family is a good Lutheran family and we were all brought up in the Church and school including our religion classes.  Our church no longer has a school so now the congregation’s children attend classes during the evenings and weekends to grow in their beliefs including a very large step in first communion.

Sydney had expressed interest in this a year ago, which was the correct time frame for her age group.  Her Daddy missed the window of opportunity so she opted to take the class this spring.  We urge Sydney to grow in the church but do not force her.  She is a wonderful curious little girl who has always been intrigued by what goes on in the church including Vacation Bible School at which she is now a volunteer helping run the show.

I digress, imagine that.  Good Shepherd Lutheran Church ( is our church.  Jenny and I both went to school here, both confirmed and communed here.  Our families both have strong roots here.  Good Shepherd requires a parent to attend first communion classes with their child.  Hence my opening remarks.

Once I pulled my head out of my backside I realized that this was an important event in the life of my child.  Still I was grumpy boy, you know because I have soooo much more important stuff….I agree with Jenny…what an ass.  As I sat in the first class all full of my I’m a big boy I know all of this attitude I heard the first question from one of the children…SHOCK…I didn’t know the answer.  I shrunk a little bit in  my seat.  Second question…whew…got that one.  Third…strike two.  I shrunk a bit more, no longer feeling like the know it all big boy.  And I listened.

I listened to Pastor Mark.  I listened to this group of wide-eyed no opinion on the subject eager to learn more children.  I was amazed at their innocence and thirst for knowledge.  I was amazed at how little I really remembered about the ritual of communion.  I was amazed how these children grasped for clarity and understanding.  I was amazed at how much I learned.

Sydney is growing into a wonderful little girl.  I think this achievement means a lot to her, I know it does to me.  I think it means a lot that her dad, her mom and step  mom all made time to go to these classes with her.  I know this means a lot to me.

Coming to Good Shepherd soon, her first communion.  Do this often in remembrance of  Him.




One response

29 03 2012
Stacey Wistehuff

Nice, I went through classes again when Regan was 2. I am really glad I did. I am glad you enjoyed them.

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