I love you SO much and Jesse too

31 08 2012

To the real friends and family of Milton Hall I wish to express my deepest sympathies to you.  This tragedy needs some answers and a time of healing.


July 2, 2012 Milton Hall was shot to death in Saginaw, MI.  It has been on national news since.  Reports say Mr. Hall was acting aggressively and wielded a knife.  Mr. Hall was known to have a record of aggressiveness and mental illness and was homeless.  Police from various departments shot 46 rounds at Mr. Hall striking him 6 times and ultimately killing him.

The media circus began instantly.  Outrage and community concern.  Police brutality opinions were voiced and television and news agencies blasted stories about this tragedy.  Family, friends and his church officials were crawling out of the wood work demanding answers and accountability.

This leads me to the big question.  You know the big question?  This is addressed to Mr. Hall’s “loving family, friends and church officials”.  Where were you?  Where were you when Milton needed you most?

I am not talking about when he was shot.  I am asking where were you in his life?  He was aggressive, mentally ill and homeless.  Where were you?  You loved him and cared for him so much that you were helping him with his behavior and mental issues?  Nope.  You loved and cared for him so much you gave him shelter and a home? Nope.

To my children, you don’t have to worry.  I won’t love you so much that I let mental illness lead you astray.  I won’t love you so much that I will let you be homeless and lost.  Our love is real and not for show or publicity as is our faith.

Mr. Hall’s mother is considering a lawsuit.  Imagine that.  “Milton” I can hear her say, “I love you so much that I won’t help you but I will act sorrowfully after your death and try to cash in on the publicity”.  Yup, I love you so much….when there are dollar signs.

Let’s not forget Jesse.  Rev. Jesse Jackson is coming to join the circus.  Perfect, would it be complete without him?  Another media spotlight stealer who will come in with camera’s rolling and demand justice.  Uh, Jesse…we are already demanding  justice, you can go home now to your church, does he have a church, and what is he a Rev. of?

Rest in Peace Mr. Hall.




2 responses

31 08 2012
Cousin Moreen

It’s so easy to judge other peoples actions or what we consider inaction. We have no real background on the family connections of Mr. Hall. We don’t have a clue what they may have tryed to do for him. Isn’t it possible that this family has tryed to help Mr. Hall and he has rejected their concern? Isn’t it a bit grand of us to judge this family when we have no clue what their stuggles have been or how they have handled the difficulties with Mr. Hall.

I have personal experience with trying to help someone who rejects or disregards help. It is challenging, sad and heartbreaking. Whatever this family did or did not do is not ours to judge. Thier pain is real regardless of the help or lack of help we THINK they gave.

I wish them peace and us as well.
Cousin Moreen

31 08 2012

Sorry Mo, he was homeless, I can’t get over that as a father. As far as judging people, not meant as judgement but I want to know those answers to understand. We all judge people everyday whether we mean to or not, look at Facebook as a prime example and see how many times a day someone posts on the current political scene, opinions are very judgemental and most are hear say

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